Salesforce Summer ’17 – Top 6 Classic UI Features

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Time has gone real fast since Spring’17 and we have another Salesforce release on it’s way to our Salesforce production orgs.

Once again Salesforce Release notes are out and full of great Lightning Experience features, like the Sales Cloud related features that Ben took us through recently.

Some users are yet to make the move to Lightning Experience, and I am keen to digest some of the 541 Summer ’17 release note pages for those still in Classic User Interface. Although I must say it’s getting ‘tougher’, in the latest releases we can easily see the increase of focus around Lightning enhancements so you may want to reassess.

Here are some of the upcoming capabilities that will be available in Salesforce Classic:

1. Migration Assistant

As I was just saying, if you do want to assess the move into Lightning Experience for your org to get the most of all new features and future enhancements, Salesforce could not make it easier; an even better version than the previous one from focusing on specific tasks, header tab highlights, more actionable insights from the Readiness Check report… have a taste of the wizard!

2. OpenSearch Connector

This feature means that you can keep users within Salesforce interface and enable search for not only internal records but search results from external content with Federated Search.

External search providers who conform to the Salesforce Federated Search API remain fully compliant to the OpenSearch specification and can be queried by any OpenSearch client. Which enables users to look for information using Salesforce global search and see external results in a single search results page.

3. Related Records Upon Conversion

Some of us currently use a work around using automation so that the Lead related records are reallocated to the newly created ones upon conversion. This feature will change the need for this!

Now when a user converts a lead it’s files, attachments, activities, campaign history … that initially were linked to the lead are then attached to the resulting contact, account, person account, and opportunity records.

4. Email Templates Letterhead

Update existing Letterhead email templates by changing which letterhead is associated with the template, simple! No more re-creating templates to use a different header.

5. Picklist to Global

When the global picklist came around you may have thought to yourself: ‘if only this came earlier, I have plenty of picklist’s already in place across objects that could be global instead’, well this one is for you!

You can easily now promote a single picklist field into a global value set by editing your picklist field and a click of a button.

6. Dynamically Update Flow Screen Fields

Leaving you a bonus one with this Pilot program, where with flows you can set ‘field rules’ and decide when some screen fields are actually displayed to users or not, showing only what is needed making the team more productive. For example in the screenshot below you can see a dynamically changing field depending on which option is selected first.

6 thoughts on “Salesforce Summer ’17 – Top 6 Classic UI Features

  1. FYI, the Dynamic Flow Screen Fields beta has been delayed to Summer ’18.

    I contacted SF Support to enable it in our Summer 17 sandboxes and got this response:

    Please be advised that this pilot feature has been delayed. The feature is now planned for a beta release in Summer ’18.

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