Salesforce Einstein GPT vs. ChatGPT

Artificial intelligence (AI) is reshaping the business landscape at an unprecedented pace. One standout player in this transformative arena is Salesforce Einstein AI, a comprehensive suite of AI capabilities designed to streamline operations, enhance decision-making processes, and elevate customer experiences through automation. In parallel, generative… Read More


Making a Salesforce Field Required: A Decision Guide

Creating fields and managing page layouts is often one of the very first things Salesforce Admins learn to do. There are a few reasons for this – it’s fun, it’s pretty easy, and there’s instant gratification. A new field can be created by a brand-new… Read More


Salesforce AI Associate Certification Guide & Tips

AI is THE hot topic this year, and it was inevitable that Salesforce would release certifications that sit alongside their new messaging, “AI + Data + CRM = Customer Magic”. The AI Associate certification is an entry-level certification designed for professionals of all backgrounds to… Read More


Slack Administrator Certification Guide & Tips

As a Slack professional, you may be looking to prove your skills by becoming Slack certified. Within the Slack ecosystem, you can become certified as a Slack Admin, Consultant, or Developer. In this exam guide we will focus on the Slack Admin exam and help… Read More

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