All About New Salesforce In-App Guidance for Training, Onboarding, and News

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One of the things I was happy to read on the Summer’19 Release Notes is the In-App Guidance for Training, Onboarding, and News feature, that ‘prompts’ Salesforce users with productivity tips without having to leave the tool. Although in Beta, I think this is a cool feature you should take advantage as soon as it hits your org, first highlighted on the Salesforce Ben Summer ’19 Favourites article.

What is In-App Guidance?

Essentially, In-App Guidance enables you to: “Use clicks, not code to create in-app guidance to engage directly with your users. Write your own content, and include action buttons to an important URL of your choice in the prompts. You can pick the target audience and specify where the prompts appear and for how long.”


Whilst navigating in Salesforce for the few past releases, you may have seen in-app highlights, for example Dashboards being better in Lightning and encouraging you and your users to have a look at it. Once inside Lightning, the user is taken to the same feature in the Lightning interface and shown how to use it, including a brief training video.

Now, this is a way for Salesforce to elevate the functionality that has already proven successful for them. Allowing you to create your own prompts and content to guide your users for things like on-boarding purposes, updates on new and updated functionality, or even news & announcements.

How to Use In-App Guidance

By following the guided wizard, you can set up In-App Guidance easily. First, you need to select the prompt type (either floating or docked):

Then, you can choose the position from a simple framework, for example, if what you are prompting the users is visible in the screen let’s say at the top right of the page, you can very easily place it somewhere else for example you may want to place your prompt at the bottom-center or right:

Next step is to give your content a title and body text, and in addition, if you will allow the user to dismiss the prompt:

You can even add a button at the bottom of your prompt to enable the user to be redirected elsewhere, to a URL of your choice:

Finally, it’s time to schedule it! Choose the start and end date (optional) as well as how many times to show the message to the user – a feature (within a feature) that I was really happy to see included so early on in this feature’s life.

Measuring User Experience & Avoiding Disruption

Today, product ethics are incredibly important and we must take more care of how our digital solutions impact our users, it’s key to avoid distraction, flow disruption, anxiety, and more.

Salesforce has an algorithm to enhance the user experience by preventing multiple prompts from appearing at once, that can also detect how users interact with the prompts to determine if to show it again or stop. I was just chatting about this with Michael Orr and the product team over the Lightning reception prior to London World Tour.

If you want to get more hands-on with evaluating if things are working as expected, you can find metrics on views and actions within the setup page, so that you can inspect and adapt for future use.

Over the years I have seen all sorts of quirky workarounds to accomplish something like this, to let your users know something on a reusable and scalable way; from javascript alerts, to visualforce banners, to apex, once the user ‘acknowledges’ the message and saves a record so it doesn’t show again in the next login. So I am very excited about this feature.

Final Note

This feature is going to come in very hand. It’s only the beginning – I foresee a long backlog of many possible enhancements just for this!

As this is a Lightning only feature (as with most enhancements) if you still need to make the move… well, don’t get stuck in the past! Things are certainly #BetterInLightning, if you don’t know where to start or just need to find out how easy it may be check out this post to help you in the transition.

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  1. Ines, you give great instruction on setting up features… I could walk through this if I were an Admin… However, it would be SUPER USEFUL for you to display what the in-app guidance looks like in practice. What does a user see?

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