Supercharge Your Related Lists with This Free Salesforce Labs App

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I recently came across a listing on the AppExchange called ‘CMTD Enhanced Related List’, developed by Salesforce Labs. This post will give an overview of the app: what’s so cool about it, what you can do with it, and how to set it up.

Salesforce Labs is a program that lets engineers, professional services staff and other employees share AppExchange apps they’ve created for us, the customer community. I’ve praised Salesforce Labs many times for the ideas they deliver to the marketplace, for free! We have already enjoyed some great tools from the Salesforce Labs like the Trailhead Tracker – and the app I’ll talk about in this post is no different!

The ‘Enhanced Related List’ feature was added in BETA as part of the Summer ’19 release. This brought a layer of flexibility to related lists, allowing you to do things like show up to 10 columns on a related list, resize and sort your columns, perform mass actions from right the related list component, and wrap text – even more flexibility than we ever had in Classic!



But, that’s not everything. With the ‘CMTD Enhanced Related List’ app, you can expand the capabilities even further. It even makes me think that this app was released to test, adjust and fine-tune potential future functionality 🤔

1.  What’s so cool about it?

Why this app is so cool is partly to do with its name. The acronym ‘CMTD’, I believe, stands for Custom Metadata Types Driven. Here, you can create configuration data records, which then are available for you to use within the app builder once you drag the component on to Lightning Record Pages.

Side note: for anyone that may need a refresher on Custom Metadata Types, check out this article – in essence, these are like a modern version of custom settings.

As you can see, you have the ability to set a subtab with all info, even highlight visually with headers and badges (sort of like tags) for your users to easily digest the information at a glance.

2.  What can you do with it?

If a picture is worth a thousand words, context is then at least worth a million” Ines Garcia DF’17 😜

With this app, you can give that context to your users – all through a declarative setup! With no-code configuration, you can define the fields of your related list component, and then filter and sort them.

Or, you can even group records, like open and closed cases, in a single page on a subtab (as the previous image shows). Alternatively, you may prefer to have them as separate components within the page (as the below image shows).

3.  How do you set it up?

Step 1: Install the ‘CMTD Enhanced Related List’ package.

Step 2: Component Configurations

  • Navigate to Custom Metadata Types from your Setup menu
  • Select ‘Enhanced Related List’
  • Then, click the button ‘Manage Enhanced related List’ or ‘Manage Records’
  • Add new records for the objects you want the component to work for.

Here is an example entry for the ‘Milestone’ object which is a child object of ‘Projects’ from a managed package:

Step 3: Add the Component to your Lightning Record Page

Finally, save and activate to apply the page changes. Tada!

Has the feature I covered in this article got you interested? Want to have a play with it? Wait no longer and download it here – then tell us what you think!

7 thoughts on “Supercharge Your Related Lists with This Free Salesforce Labs App

  1. Giuseppe Dell'Erba


    Hi, does ehnanced related list allow to do inline edit of the records?
    If not, do you suggest an app able to do inline editing in related lists?

  2. Do you know how we can update the field CloseDate on Opportunity to only show the date and not the time on an Enhanced Related list?

  3. Yossi Machloof


    Hi, do you know what are the max number of columns you can define using CMTD related list? I saw it can actually do more than 10 columns in a related list.

  4. Hi. The list does not refresh automatically when I change the record in the field the list depends on. If I hit the refresh button it updates the list but based on the previous value. I have to refresh at browser level for the list to update.
    Any suggestion?

  5. Janardhana Devegowda


    We use CMTD extensively..we can’t wrap long Text fields in any format of the related list – List, Tile 1, Tile 2 ..
    Anybody faced this issue..

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