Salesforce Meetings – A First Look

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Salesforce Meetings is a new video meeting management system that lays atop your preferred video call provider (Zoom, Google Hangouts). It provides an interface that gives salespeople useful data stored in Salesforce to lead impactful calls and build stronger relationships with customers.

Salesforce Meetings is designed to help companies sell more effectively and optimise the customer buying experience. By utilising Salesforce Meetings, salespeople can come to meetings fully prepared and able to deliver outstanding presentations without ever leaving Salesforce, avoiding unexpected issues or scrambling around for information.

Preparation: Complete 360 Visibility

Preparation is critical for any successful sales pitch. Key decision makers must attend the call, and any potential issues flagged and resolved beforehand, so focus is on the presentation and not on any awkward or unexpected questions.

Before a call, salespeople will be able to use Salesforce Meetings to proactively plan their meeting and identify any risks.

Features include the ability to:

  • Identify attendees that have not yet RSVP’d: Einstein Insights will flag if your key decision maker has not yet RSVP’d
  • View meeting attendee bios
  • View customer history
  • Review open Service cases


Engaging Virtual Meetings To Stand Out From The Crowd

In the new age of remote working, how can salespeople stand out from the crowd? How can they form a meaningful, human connection with a prospective customer or deliver a presentation with wow factor when it must be done virtually? 

When using Salesforce Meetings, the presenter and presentation appear side by side for all attendees, creating a personalised and engaging experience. Passion and expertise are more easily conveyed when the audience can see the speaker!

For a much slicker video conference experience, presenters can have presentations queued up and talking points handy without changing the interface from the CRM, so there’s no more awkward fumbling or pauses as you switch between screens. 

Follow Up: Recommended Actions & Call Notes

After you ace the presentation, follow up is key, so as not to lose momentum. Salesforce Meetings will utilise Salesforce Anywhere to enable salespeople to log call notes for internal collaboration. In addition, Salesforce Meetings will provide automated follow up actions from Einstein and flag meeting attendees not in your CRM that should be created as Contacts.


Salesforce Meetings is expected to be available in pilot in October 2020 and generally available in February 2021. 

For more information on Salesforce Meetings register here.

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  1. Still trying to figure out if Salesforce Meetings does anything specifically with scheduling the meetings (as it is displaying user calendar information), or connected in some way to Salesforce Lightning Scheduler or Salesforce Sync. Do you know the answers to these questions? Thanks

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