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Platform App Builder

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The VP of Sales at Cloudy Computing would like to enhance the sales process using automation. When a new Opportunity is created, a Task should be created and assigned to the Opportunity Owner to follow up in 7 days. When a high value Opportunity is won or lost, an email alert should be sent to the VP of Sales. How should the Administrator achieve these requirements?

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True or false: Standard picklist fields can be controlling or dependent?

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You are thinking of enabling ‘Roll up activities to a contact’s primary account’. What things must you consider before enabling this feature? (Choose 3)

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What are some benefits of managed packages? (Choose 2)

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Sales users must enter a Closed Lost Reason when the Opportunity Stage is changed to Closed Lost. How could you enforce this?

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Where can you monitor a time dependent Workflow to troubleshoot?

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Assuming your changes have been tested and validated already, when should you deploy changes from a sandbox to a production instance?

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