Free Salesforce Platform App Builder Practice Exam (with Answers)

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Platform App Builder

There is a 105-minute time limit. 63% is the official passing score.

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What happens when records are submitted into an approval process? (Choose 2)

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Your company has a custom object called Projects with a Lookup relationship to Opportunities. Once an Opportunity is closed won, a project needs to be created automatically and assigned to a queue. What would be the best practice way to accomplish this requirement? (Choose 2)

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What are some features and considerations of Themes and Branding in Salesforce Lightning Experience? (Choose 3)

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Assuming your changes have been tested and validated already, when should you deploy changes from a sandbox to a production instance?

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What must be set up before creating an action to send a custom notification from a process?

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Cloudy Computing has created a junction object called Application. What type of relationship does a junction object enable?

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What are the types of actions that can be created for use in the Salesforce App and on mobile? (Choose 2)

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