NEW – Request Your Salesforce Certification Status

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It’s actually quite nice when you get an email starting with:

Smart move! We received your credential status request and are glad to see you staying on top of maintaining your Salesforce Credentials!

For quite a while I had at the back of my mind that I needed to check the release exam deadlines, I knew I must have needed to do some maintenance exams but I was just not sure which ones and how many.

I generally keep up to date my credentials when I get the first reminder to get it ‘out the way’, yet not this time, maybe due to recent ‘crazy busy’ spout! or habits as I was a bit spoiled whilst helping a start up consulting partner to get their practice up and running. Not sure if you all know, but being an official Salesforce partner you get few things; one of them is access to the ‘Salesforce Partner Portal’, leading by example of course Salesforce is using their own product with its own partners, where you can easily see the status of your workforce certification so that you can drill down and enable the upkeep of those certifications.

Just under two weeks ago, I decided to get rid-off the ‘pending’ maintenance exams once and for all, logged into Webassessor and discovered that I actually had 5 pending exams for my 7 certs. I got all set in a quiet room grabbed some courage and boom: successfully passed the maintenance exams, phew!

Only few days later Salesforce released the ‘Credential Status Request’, so that we can can easily stay up to date on our Salesforce Certification maintenance requirements for our certs.

You can submit a request here , input your Webassessor email or username and submit. That sends you an email with a list of all credentials you have ever earned (including expired or retired), the status of it, if you require any upkeep and if so the due date for it.

Note the sync takes 24h, so if you just have acquired a new cert or passed a maintenance exam it may not show. As it was a few days after I’ve passed mine I got this pretty view in my inbox:

*Although not sure why the Sales Accredited does not show here, being a certification that has to be maintained too.

You?’ve worked hard for your Salesforce credentials. Be sure to keep them up-to-date!

Happy Trailblazing!

3 thoughts on “NEW – Request Your Salesforce Certification Status

  1. I recently checked my status, and it is showing DEV401 as 1 behind even though I have transitioned to App Builder which shows current. When I log in to Webassessor, there are no maintenance exams listed for DEV401. Is this a bug in their reporting system?

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