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Even with the festive season around the corner Salesforce stays as busy as Santa. During the opening of this past Dreamforce keynote there was a quick mention of Service Cloud LiveMessage, today the product news is here!

What is LiveMessage? It’s an application that consolidates communication across multiple messaging apps. Say hello to new levels of customer engagement through conversational messaging within the Salesforce Service Cloud.


It is actually built off the HeyWire technology, company which was acquired September this year. Today the launched product supports SMS/MMS and Facebook Messenger, but over the next year will add support for other message apps.

Yesterday 13th of December at 3:23 PM (GMT) @ServiceCloud tweeted:

Salesforce is offering ‘Service Cloud bots’, or customers can plug in a ‘third-party bot’ to communicate via automated interactions in messenger clients.

The difference here is the bidirectional communication, so continue to the conversation via a message interface. As we would do with any other text from individual connections, there is the expectation to be able to respond and interact back from a message.

Meredith Flynn-Ripley, VP of product-messaging at Service Cloud, said that one of the benefits of incorporating this channel is that the phone traffic drops and that customers seems to rather use messaging over phone call, “Live messaging becomes 15-20 percent of [customer service] interactions in a matter of weeks”.

Leaving you with the product demo video, just start to image what this could mean for your company and upcoming increments and extensions of this product:

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