Salesforce Roundup – March 2015

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Welcome to the first Salesforce Monthly RoundUp (I hope everyone appreciates the relevance of the logo!). This is going to be a regular monthly post highlighting Salesforce News which is relevant to the Industry we all know and love! Stay up to date with Salesforce news as well as Hacks, Tutorials and more by signing up to the newsletter on the right!

Marc Benioff Boycots Indiana

One of the biggest stories in the Salesforce industry this month is that the all mighty Marc Benioff is boycotting Indiana over an act that could discriminate against the LGBT community. Indiana have signed a bill that could allow businesses to turn away people from the LGBT community in the name of “religious freedom”. Marc has decided to halt all employee and customer interaction that involves travelling to Indiana to face discrimination. Other tech giants including Apple’s Tim Cook are also following.

Salesforce App for Apple Watch

Earlier this month, Apple showed off a more in depth overview of their Apple Watch. Salesforce has also announced their App for the Apple Watch where you will be able to view Analytics, Record information and get updates with the Sales, Service and Marketing Cloud.

Salesforce to Trigger Ads based on CRM Data

The ever evolving Marketing Cloud has recently released Active Audiences. Active Audiences will allow Marketing Cloud users to use their existing CRM Database of customers to trigger Ads via Facebook and Twitter. “With Active Audiences, which we’re announcing today, you can take your existing customer database and target specific contacts within it with ads”.

New App Launched for Outlook & Office 365

With Microsoft Outlook still dominating the Enterprise Email space, Salesforce & Microsoft have announced a new App that can be installed straight into Outlook. This App has been created to further strengthen the integration between Outlook & Salesforce to make the user experience even more seamless than before.

Salesforce Shares Soar

Earlier this month Salesforce shares soared after their Earnings calls. Salesforce is now officially the fastest software company to reach $5 Billion in revenue. Following the call Marc Benioff had to say this – “My dream is crystal clear to be the first and fastest in the cloud to $10 billion in software and then onward,”.

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