Launch Instant Messaging & Video Chat from Salesforce Records and Fields [Breaking News from TrailheaDX]

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Salesforce has launched ‘Salesforce Anywhere’ to enable the all-digital, work-from-anywhere reality the majority of professionals have adapted to. During TrailheaDX 2020, viewers were shown the new set of collaboration tools:

“The COVID-19 crisis has taught us that companies must be able to sell, service, market and collaborate from anywhere, and that won’t change in a post-pandemic world,” said Bret Taylor, President and COO Salesforce.

Can remote working really replace in-person meetings? Salesforce want to challenge that, making remote meeting ineffectiveness a myth.

Which leads me to the most impressive piece of the ‘work-from-anywhere’ puzzle (in our opinion): the ability to collaborate via video within Salesforce. Is this the next generation of Salesforce Chatter?!

As the demo showcased, you will be able to launch a video chat from a Salesforce record, and pinpoint specific Salesforce fields the conversation is based on:

Images source: La Portale 

There are other collaboration tools embedded throughout the platform grouped under the ‘Salesforce Anywhere’ label, which we will cover in more detail over the coming days.

Salesforce certainly had some interesting things brewing in their product development pipeline over the first half of 2020 – was only the start of Salesforce’s adaptation to the ‘next-normal’! I was beginning to think thatSalesforce were suspiciously quiet, and all for good reason, as the pivoted their development pipeline to prioritise the tools the increasing work-from-anywhere working culture demands!

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    1. Hi Stephan! It’s currently in beta testing/pilot with selected customers. I am sure we will hear more about general availability in 2021 (fingers crossed)

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