Salesforce Einstein Now Delivers 80+ Billion AI-Powered Predictions Every Day

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Artificial Intelligence has been a term thrown around for a number of years, and it’s long been predicted to change the world for good. Whether you take the Elon Musk view that AI could take over the world in a Terminator-style scenario is a conversation for another day…

Salesforce’s AI platform Einstein has become baked into the Salesforce products we know and love, but for the first time, Salesforce has revealed the impact they are actually having across their products. This shows us some of the largest practical applications for AI in business that are available today.


“AI is now an imperative, not a nice-to-have. Einstein substantiated what many have asked for years: How and when will AI really drive enterprise-level value, at scale. The pandemic forced companies to invest in the technologies that quickly add value. Einstein does exactly this by working invisibly behind the scenes to predict customer behavior and preferences.”

Marco Casalaina, SVP of Product Management and GM of Einstein:

80+ Billion Einstein Predictions

Believe it or not, Salesforce Einstein was released back at Dreamforce 2016, with features being released on all the major Salesforce products. To get a glimpse into all of the Salesforce Einstein features, check out our article here.

Fast forward to today and Einstein is delivering 80+ billion predictions across Sales, Service, Marketing & Commerce Clouds. Let’s dive into some of the specifics…

Einstein for Service

Customer support teams often deal with high volumes, and Einstein can assist agents to deal with tickets more efficiently by surfacing relevant insights. Tools such as Article Recommendations, automated case classification and routing, as well as reply recommendations, all help to provide a better customer experience. Since last year, Salesforce has seen a 700% increase in these types of predictions.

Source: Trailhead

In addition, Einstein Bots are being used more than ever. By providing a live chat like interface for customers to interact with, they can find answers quicker. Salesforce has seen a 300% increase in bot sessions since February, which is a 680% increase, year over year.

Einstein for Commerce

With eCommerce being an industry that is booming in the new normal we are living in, Einstein can help customers by surfacing relevant product recommendations, as well as predictive sort, in order to provide a more personalized shopping experience for customers. Salesforce has seen a 300% increase in daily predictions for commerce cloud year over year.

Einstein for Marketing

By analyzing thousands, or possibly millions of previous customer interactions with your campaigns, Einstein can recommend personalized messaging over email and mobile channels, in order to make your campaigns as effective as possible. Salesforce has seen a 67% increase in daily predictions in Q3 of 2020 year over year.

Einstein for Sales

Powerful AI capabilities have been added to Sales Cloud in order to provide sales reps with detailed insights about the probability of converting leads based on individual attributes about that individual. This has resulted in Salesforce seeing a 32% increase in predictions year over year.

Einstein Search

A feature that was rolled out for all Org’s recently, Einstein Search allows users to use natural language to search Salesforce, for example typing in “My cases” or “My Leads”. Salesforce has seen more than 1.5 million natural language searches per month; 1.5 natural language searches every second; 100+ million personalized keyword searches per month.

What’s Next?

From the insights Salesforce has provided, it’s clear to see that AI is here to stay, and is already delivering huge value to Salesforce customers across all products. In addition, IDC predicts that global spending on AI will double in the next four years – reaching $110 billion in 2024 – as companies see an opportunity to boost innovation, improve customer service and automate routine tasks so their employees can focus on more strategic work.


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