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Salesforce Admin Practice Exam

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While testing a new feature, the VP of Customer Service at Cloudy Computing has accidentally created 100 Cases in Salesforce. What is the quickest way to delete these?

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The five types of AppExchange solutions are:

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Fields can be set to not-visible or read-only based on which of the following?

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What is TRUE about Custom Report Types? (Choose 2)

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To improve their customer service, Cloudy Computing would like to use Salesforce to guide their support reps as they collect the details of an issue from a customer. They would like support reps to automatically see the fields they need to complete and guidance on what to ask the customer. What would you recommend?

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Cloudy Computing would like to be able to generate Quotes from Salesforce. Quotes should contain the Account Name, Amount and any discount. Quotes should also be able to be emailed to customers from Salesforce. As the Salesforce Administrator, what would you suggest?

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What should the Administrator recommend if a user forgets their password and needs it reset? The user is not locked out and the company does not use single sign on.

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