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Salesforce Admin Practice Exam

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Which of the following are standard Salesforce objects? (Choose 3)

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Validation rules are triggered:

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What do Record Types control? (Choose 3)

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Which of these features can be utilized on a page layout? (Choose 2)

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Cloudy Computing would like Ava the Admin to create a new field. The field should support formatting font e.g. Bold or Italic, inserting links and inserting images. What field type should be used?

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Cloudy Computing generates Leads from various sources such as web-to-lead, inbound sales calls and telemarketing. Leads should follow a qualification process that is dependent on where the Lead originated. How can this be achieved in Salesforce? (Choose 3)

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What tool within the Flow Builder can be used to test all the different paths and variables inside your Flow to ensure they all function correctly for your users?

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