Virtual-first Sales Cloud: Salesforce Releases 4 Enhanced Products for Virtual Selling

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Salesforce have announced new Sales Cloud and supporting features to make virtual sales experiences more engaging and productive.

In a nutshell, Salesforce are releasing 4 virtual-first sales solutions that will deliver a new video meeting management system, video conversation analysis capabilities, COVID-contextual territory mapping, and improved, scalable and repeatable sales outreach as reps shift to a new type of sales cycle. A whirlwind of new capabilities? We agree!

Amid the backdrop of 2020 and following the release of Salesforce Anywhere mid-year, this new announcement caught our attention. The Virtual-First Sales solutions stood out to us when we first heard about them. We anticipate that this technology layer will tie together newly-essential tools that are being used heavily by organisations, but with glaring gaps. Recent findings paint an unsettling picture, with only half (54%) of outside reps confident in their personal ability to close deals in the current environment. Any simulation of physical selling will be welcomed productivity gains.

Let’s now dive into each of the 4 product areas and how these can be applied practically in your org.

Salesforce Meetings

Everyone is certainly using video conferencing more than previously – in the case of Zoom, at least 300m of us rely on it daily!

Salesforce Meetings is a new video meeting management system that lays atop your preferred video call provider (Zoom, Google Hangouts). It’s an interface that gives salespeople useful data stored in Salesforce to lead impactful calls and build stronger relationships with customers. In other words, help avoid the dreaded screen-juggling and scrambling around for information!

What’s the value in this video conferencing layer over Sales Cloud? 

There are additional features to help sales teams sell more effectively before, during and after the meeting:

  • Preparation: see all meeting attendees and customer history, pulled from Salesforce. Einstein Insights will highlight any risks that may arise — open service cases, or that a key decision maker has not clicked “attending” on the meeting invite.
  • Running calls: start the meeting, have presentations queued up, and talking points handy – without changing the interface from the CRM. Customers can see a branded video overlay, featuring both the presentation and the sales rep’s video side by side for a more human connection.
  • Follow-up: “close the loop faster after calls” with automated next steps surfaced by Einstein. Set automatic updates to Salesforce records, making follow-up conversations and actions smoother for reps.

Einstein Call Coaching for Video

You may have heard about Einstein Call Coaching? AI analyses audio clips, and surfaces insights, such as which products are most frequently mentioned, objections raised, competitor mentions, or pricing questions, as well as how comfortable sales reps are handling calls.

Now Einstein Call Coaching will extend to video! It’s a smart move, as video conferencing has become the main form of communication for salespeople. Einstein Call Coaching for Video will analyze conversations and understand key moments to enable managers to build out team strategies based on an evolving reality.

Salesforce Maps Field Safety Kit

Salesforce Maps is a market-leading location intelligence solution, to understand how your Salesforce data is mapped geographically. Two popular use cases are optimising field service routes, and plotting accounts on maps for territory mapping.

The offering has been reimagined to combine territory data from Salesforce Maps with COVID-19 data from Tableau. Why? So that you can understand how your customers are dealing with COVID-19 and where field sales reps can and cannot expect to be able to make in-person sales visits.

High Velocity Sales for the Full Sales Cycle

When COVID-19 took hold, every field sales rep suddenly had to become an inside sales rep.

High Velocity Sales, initially built for inside sales, can now support all types of sellers. Three words to describe this product? Scaling virtual selling.

This Sales Cloud add-on gives you Sales Cadences, which provide salespeople with scalable, repeatable, templated outreach across various channels.

In addition, you can now apply cadences to Opportunity and Account records to ensure prospects aren’t forgotten.

When does the Virtual Selling Suite become available?

  • Salesforce Meetings is expected to be available in pilot in October 2020. The product is expected to be generally available February 2021, and is compatible with all leading video conferencing providers.
  • Einstein Video Call Coaching, Salesforce Maps Field Safety Kit, and Enhanced High Velocity Sales are expected to be generally available in February 2021.

Where to find more information:

  • Register here to learn more about Salesforce Meetings.
  • To learn more about Einstein Video Call Coaching, visit here.
  • To learn more about Salesforce Maps, visit the product page here.
  • To learn more about High Velocity Sales, visit the product page here.
  • To learn more about how sales teams are adjusting to new customer and leader expectations and thinking about new growth strategies, read our new State of Sales report here.


Any unreleased services or features referenced in this or other press releases or public statements are not currently available and may not be delivered on time or at all. Customers who purchase Salesforce applications should make their purchase decisions based upon features that are currently available. Salesforce has headquarters in San Francisco, with offices in Europe and Asia, and trades on the New York Stock Exchange under the ticker symbol “CRM.” For more information please visit, or call 1-800-NO- SOFTWARE.

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