10 Of My Favourite Salesforce Winter ’20 Features

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Another year and another Winter release that we need to prepare for in the midst of Summer! Even though this concept might be a bit strange, it’s the time of the year where we all get to play around with a lot of new exciting Salesforce features. If you want to learn more about Sandbox preview information and the release date, check out this article.

As we do with every release here at Salesforce Ben, we would like to share with you our favourite features in this Salesforce Winter ’20 release. Enjoy!

1. Lightning Experience turning on for all users

Although this isn’t necessarily a feature, we think it is very important to mention that Lightning will be turning on for all Orgs. This is part of Salesforce’s strategy to support customers in switching over as soon as possible. Although this might not have been possible in recent years due to limitations, these have mostly disappeared, so even the most complex Org can migrate with ease. Check out our post called “Is Classic Getting Discontinued in October?” to find out more…

2. Recycle Bin in Lightning Experience

If you’ve been holding out on switching to Lightning Experience because your users have to switch back to Classic to get to the Recycle Bin, today is your lucky day! From Salesforce Winter ’20, the Recycle Bin will be available in Lightning.

3. Count Unique Values in Report Results (Beta)

An age old problem in Salesforce is being able to count the number of unique values in a report. Imagine you want to count the number of Accounts that are mentioned in a report but each Account had multiple Opportunities. To accomplish this requirement before, you would have had to use the fabled “Power of One“, but no more!

4. Start a Flow on a Schedule

Flow seems to be getting more an more powerful with every release and is the ultimate pen knife that an Admin has to solve complex business issues. Well, now you can run Flows on a Schedule, not just from record interaction. If you would like to learn more about Flow, check out our tutorial here.

5. Connect to Your Customers With WhatsApp & WeChat (Pilot)

A requirement that comes up in a lot of conversations with our customers, is integration with Whatsapp. Well in Salesforce Winter ’20, they are rolling out a pilot program for WhatsApp & WeChat, bringing even more power to customer service agents on these modern platforms.

6. Add Tabs and Accordion Components to Your Home Pages

A simple but very effective change coming to Winter ’20, the ability to add the Tab & Accordion Lightning components to your home page. For me, one of the most powerful Lightning additions is when Salesforce brings out new standard components. The customisations you can make to the platform can make it as user-friendly as possible. Check out this article on ways to use Standard Components.

7. Send Surveys from Process Builder

Salesforce looks to be developing their Survey product further with every release. This release we put more power in the hands of Admins to be able to send out Surveys using an action on the process builder. Easy peasy!

8. Set Component Visibility Rules by Device

Hopefully by now you’ve seen the amazing feature that allows you to Show/Hide Lightning Components based upon field values. Well for those who are heavy users of mobile, you can now set this by Desktop or Mobile. Perfect if you need to develop a different experience for each device.

9. Add Powerful and Performant Lightning Web Components to Your Flow Screens

With the release of Lightning Web Components recently, that allows Developers to build Lightning Components using custom HTML elements and modern JavaScript. Salesforce has added the ability for these new-age components to be added to Flow Screens. Adding to the fact that Flow’s are just getting more powerful and is something that every Admin & Developer should add to their toolkit.

10. Lightning Experience Configuration Converter

Salesforce has put a lot of effort into ensuring that all Salesforce Org’s can migrate to Lightning as easily as possible. Seeing as this release Lightning is being turned on by default, they have provided us with a few more tools to help. This includes scanning apps to ensure Actions & Buttons are ready, and if not, can be converted. As well as ensuring hardcoded URL’s and AppExchange Packages are ready for migration

Do you have any favourite features being released that we haven’t mentioned? Let us know in the comments below!

4 thoughts on “10 Of My Favourite Salesforce Winter ’20 Features

  1. Will the Switch to Classic button be removed?

    And as an Admin, there’s a tonne of features in Setup that are only in Classic. Will I still have access to these?

    E.g.. Although, not in Setup, the API Request in 7 Days report, can only be accessed in Classic

  2. I tried to add tabs onto lightning home page, but I don’t see this option available tho. Does anyone else have this issue as well?

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