Free Salesforce Platform Developer 1 Practice Exam (with Answers)

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Platform Developer 1

There is a 105-minute time limit. 68% is the official passing score.

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You have been tasked with writing a utility class which can be called from multiple contexts, for example while running as an Experience User and an internal user who should see all records. Which sharing declaration should be used in your class to facilitate this?

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A developer creates an Apex trigger which calls a method within another class. A test has been written which directly calls the method within the class and provides 100% code coverage. There are no other Apex classes present within the org. What would be the result of deploying a changeset with this trigger and classes into production with running all tests?

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As a developer you wish to build a reusable Lightning Web Component which can be used to search records and to select one. Which snippet can this component alert its parent component to the selected record?

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There are two before save triggers defined for the Contact object, which one of them runs first?

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A developer wishes to write a test for a private method within a class, how can this be best achieved?

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An integration is to be built which inserts Leads into your company's Salesforce instance in bulk from its website daily. Some of the records are spam and do not contain valid field data. Which of the following statements would facilitate this?

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A developer wishes to streamline the setting up of data for their test class. How could this be achieved? (Choose 2)

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