Free Salesforce Platform Developer 1 Practice Exam (With Answers)

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Platform Developer 1

There is a 105-minute time limit. 68% is the official passing score.

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A developer wishes to write a single Apex method which can process both Opportunity and Lead records, what would be the correct method signature?

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Which of the following method signatures allows an Apex method to be used by the wire service?

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A developer has many records which must be displayed on a Visualforce page, how can they best add pagination?

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What data types can a SOQL query return? (Choose 3)

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A developer wishes to iterate over a list of records returned from a query, which of the following loop types is most appropriate?

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What considerations must a developer make when working in a multi-tenant environment?

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A custom field on Opportunity is assigned the number data type, with 18 digits and 0 decimal places. Which primitive data type would this be assigned in Apex?

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