Free Salesforce Platform Developer 1 Practice Exam (with Answers)

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Platform Developer 1

There is a 105-minute time limit. 68% is the official passing score.

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What would the value of the instance variable “foo” be after the third execution of the following batch class?

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A custom field on Opportunity is assigned the number data type, with 18 digits and 0 decimal places. Which primitive data type would this be assigned in Apex?

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There are two before save triggers defined for the Contact object, which one of them runs first?

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You have been tasked with creating a process which sends a very large number of emails to Contacts within an Org, how best could this be achieved?

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Which of the following snippets can be used to obtain the Stage picklist values on the Opportunity object?

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Which action can be performed in a before insert trigger?

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A custom field was added to Opportunity which has become redundant due to new business processes. What must be done before deleting the field?

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An integration is to be built which inserts Leads into your company's Salesforce instance in bulk from its website daily. Some of the records are spam and do not contain valid field data. Which of the following statements would facilitate this?