New Salesforce Lightning Page Layouts

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Ever since I first got introduced to Salesforce, nearly every element of the platform has been upgraded. Forget Workflow Rules, here’s Process Builder! Bored of Classic? Meet Lightning! But unfortunately, Page Layouts and their static nature have been left behind, we’ve been restricted to moving the placement of fields, and adding in some sections. Until now…

Dynamic Forms have been teased a few times over the past few months, but Admins got a first glimpse at this new feature this week at Dreamforce, and the potential is huge, making page layouts obsolete. 

Dynamic Forms

Dynamic Forms will be accessed through the Lightning App Builder and will allow you to completely customise the placement of fields across the App, which opens up unlimited customisations possibilities. This will drastically improve the user experience for your users, as well as make the administration process a lot easier. The highlight of Dynamic Forms include…

  • Add new “Field Section” components. This enables you to place fields across different components, completely splitting up the different sections.
  • Place fields across tabs, meaning you can further split up the placement of fields for a cleaner UX/UI.
  • With component visibility rules, you can show/hide components based on field values. No more multiple page layouts, record types and automation!
  • All of this with a brand new interface to make all of this happen.

Before you get too excited, Dynamic Forms aren’t expected to be released until Salesforce Winter ’21 which will be around October 2020. However, as per the official Salesforce blog post, you can ask your AE to be a pilot customer. What a future we have to look forward to!

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    1. It was briefly demoed at the Admin Keynote. Perhaps at the Lightning Keynote (I didn’t get to catch that.) It was heavily demoed at a Lightning App Roadmap session, but I don’t think that was recorded. Sorry.

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