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Salesforce Spends $700M for Marketing Data Startup, Krux

By Ines Garcia

What is Krux? “Intelligent Marketing Hub to capture, control, and connect consumer data across screens and sources”. In a nut shell collects traffic across devices and channels, analyzes and presents insights.

Why? Well my guess here is that this intelligence will ‘super-power’ feeding the hub data to Salesforce Einstein being AI for everyone, for example extending the Salesforce Marketing Cloud’s audience segmentation and targeting capabilities.


When BeyondCore got acquired, we revisited that the 90% of world’s data was generated within the last 12 months, when over two years ago that 90% was created in 24 months, it is telling us that we all capture and generate more data and faster. Data by itself does not do much but a deep understanding of it does.

Krux had been named a leader in Forrester’s tracking of the DMP (Data Management Platform) market in December 2015. Their CEO, Tom Chavez, said “We’re trading gas for rocket fuel,” in the announcement blog post. Watch how just couple weeks ago Tom provided context for the company’s unmatched global consumer reach and platform scalability:

Krux doesn’t sell its own ads and can help companies depend less on Google and Facebook for consumer information, he had said, with files on tens of millions of consumer actions. In marketing, that could mean helping to predict the best audiences to reach out to with ads, know when to follow up in campaigns and how to distribute resources between different media types.

If you want to have a deeper deep-dive into Krux you can easily request a demo here or if you are attending Dreamforce pop-in to booth 237

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