10 of My Favourite Salesforce Winter ’21 Features

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Even though we are in the midst of one of the strangest summers in our lifetime, there is one constant we can rely on: Salesforce releases. It’s that time of the year where Admins & Developers get a bunch of new features and functionality to play around with, as well as users getting new productivity features and improved UI.

Having just announced the release date, sandbox preview, and pre-release org information for Salesforce Winter ’21, the release notes are also now available! So in true Salesforce Ben fashion, let’s dive into our top 10 features of this release…

1. Flow Updates

To all you flow geeks out there, this release is a big one. As Salesforce seems to be moving away from updating any other automation tool, you can count on Flow to get even more powerful than it currently is. This release includes Flows that can now handle deletions, debug flows as a specific user, auto flow layouts, and much much more. Check out Tim’s post to get a deeper dive into some of these features.

2. Dynamic Forms & Actions

These two incredibly powerful tools allow a level of customisation unheard of before the Summer ’20 release. Dynamic forms allow you to create mini-page layouts that can be placed anywhere using the Lightning App Builder, these can be hidden on a per-user basis as well. In a similar fashion, Dynamic Actions allow you to show/hide actions based on the user viewing the page, for a cleaner user experience.

These two mega-features are now GA (Generally Available), meaning that they are out of beta and everyone has access to them.

3. Optimize Lightning Page Performance

Have you ever had Lightning users complain at page loading speeds? Well, you’re not alone, this can be an issue with chunky Lightning pages that are displaying a lot of information.

Now you can get to the bottom of the components that are contributing to the bad user experience, simply hit the “Analyze” button at the top of the Lightning App Builder to get recommendations for improvement.

4. Einstein Lead & Opportunity Scoring

The futuristic Einstein Einstein Opportunity Scoring used to be a paid feature. Now free to all Salesforce customers, means it has been made accessible to the whole Salesforce community. In addition, you can now exclude certain records from the Einstein Opportunity Scoring model, as well as ignore fields of your choosing.

In addition, Einstein Lead Scoring* used to require 1000 new leads and 120 lead conversions to start scoring your leads, now you can turn it on instantly! Bring your Org into the future with these features your users will love.

*note: Einstein Lead Scoring remains a paid feature, at the time of writing (Oct 2020). 

5. Salesforce Anywhere

Salesforce knocked it out of the park at TrailheaDX earlier this year, announcing a timely set of features to help us collaborate in the “new normal”. Salesforce Anywhere allows users to collaborate on records and get updates on their records in real-time. Salesforce Anywhere is currently in beta stage where you can sign up for your Org to be enabled here.

6. View Changes to Deals

A simple but neat change to the Opportunity List views in Lightning that allow users to see if Opportunity amounts or close dates have been changed. This is particularly effective for Sales Managers who need to stay updated on the movement of deals.

Another slight change that benefits Sales users and Managers, you can now update sales stages from the Forecasting tab.

7. Interactive Email Builder

One of those features you didn’t know you couldn’t live without until it came along, you can now use a WYSIWYG (What you see is what you get) Builder to create Email templates. Using a familiar Lightning App Builder style screen, this provides Salesforce with a major boost in the email creation department.

8. Dynamic Survey Pages

A product that seems to be getting increasingly more powerful with each release is Salesforce Surveys. With Winter ’21, you can now create unique customer journeys by defining which survey page they skip to next based on Salesforce data.

9. Einstein Search

Yet another feature that is becoming increasingly more powerful with each release. If you haven’t already enabled Einstein Search, now is the time.

In Salesforce Winter ’21, you can now enable Einstein Search in professional edition, as well as enable Search Personalizations for multiple objects (GA). This personalizes search results for users based on a variety of factors including previous records, and geolocation.

10. Auto Add Fields to Custom Report Types

If you’ve ever created a custom report type, you will know the frustrations of keeping it up to date when adding new custom fields, this had to be done manually. Salesforce have finally provided us with an option to automatically add new custom fields to custom report types!



I hope you enjoyed our favourite features of the Salesforce Winter ’21 release. Did we miss any out? What are you most looking forward to?

Let us know in the comments below…

7 thoughts on “10 of My Favourite Salesforce Winter ’21 Features

  1. On the Auto Add Fields to Custom Report Types, the limit last I checked was 1000 fields per Report Type, I’m curious what happens here if that number is exceeded by the auto add feature?

  2. Hello! So based on what I’ve seen, the email template feature is for Pardot users, or did I miss something? Was trying to test it out in a sandbox, but without Pardot, I don’t see the option.

  3. Dynamic Forms works only on custom object record pages for now, and support for standard objects is on the roadmap for GA…. T_T

    1. Thanks Ryan, I will get that updated in the post. Shame that it’s not free! Are you planning on using the feature?

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