Salesforce Winter ‘22 Release Date + Preview Information

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Although we have just had a bunch of news from TrailheaDX, and Dreamforce to look forward to in September, the Salesforce Winter ’22 Release is also right around the corner.

There are many items you need to prepare for with each release, but at this stage, there are only a couple of things you need to know: how to prepare your sandbox, and when your instance gets upgraded.

Salesforce Winter ’22 Release Date

The first thing you should be aware of is when your production instance will be upgraded to the Salesforce Winter ’22 release. It’s important that you test all your main use cases in your Org before this date to ensure that everything continues to work. Although Salesforce releases rarely have any major bugs, it’s important that these checks are carried out anyway.

The Release Date for Winter ’22 will depend on your instance of Salesforce, but the main release weekends are on…

  • September 11th
  • October 2nd
  • October 9th

If you already know the instance your production Org is located on, you can head over to Salesforce Trust and click on your instance name and hit “Maintenance”. This will show you the date of the Salesforce Winter ’22 release hitting your Org.

If you don’t know your instance, the quickest way is to head to company information within Setup in your Salesforce.

Winter ’22 Sandbox Preview Information

The second thing you should be aware of is how and when your Sandbox is going to be upgraded. This is extremely important as this is the first opportunity you will get to test your system on the new release. You can sign up for a pre-release Org, but these, of course, will not have any of your configurations.

Salesforce has two release windows for Sandboxes, which depends on whether your sandbox is a “Preview” instance or “Non-Preview Instance”. Stay tuned for more information on Sandbox Preview, but it looks like most Sandboxes will be upgraded on the 28th August.

Stay tuned for more details, we will release details about more dates and resources as they become available.

Winter ’22 Pre-Release Org

As mentioned above, Pre-release Org’s are a great way to get familiar with the new release before it hits your Sandbox’s.

Winter ’22 Pre-Release Org’s are available from this link to sign up.

Winter ’22 Release Notes

Although the dates mentioned are some of the most important of the Salesforce release cycle, the most anticipated date is for the Salesforce Release Notes. This is the first glimpse of the features and upgrades that are being applied across the Salesforce suite of products. Release Notes are available over at Salesforce Help.

Read our post “15 Hottest Salesforce Winter ’22 Features” to find out some of the most exciting features our team has picked out.

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The Salesforce Ben team will be bringing you the latest updates and features of Winter ’22 so sign up to stay in the loop!

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  1. Thank you Ben for producing these SF upgrade pages, over the years i do find that this is the first place to see the expected release weekends and when the sandboxes are upgraded.

    1. Christine Marshall


      Hi Lara,

      I just tested the link and everything is working. Could you confirm if you are seeing an error?

      Thanks, Christine

  2. Hi, There’s a small typo in your post: you wrote that the release note would be published on the 16th but the graph says 18th.

  3. Hi,

    My full sandbox is set to get the preview on the 27 Aug and I have a project starting next week which will require a sandbox refresh. Should I do this before the preview release date or after?

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