10 of My Favourite Salesforce Summer ’21 Features

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It’s that time of the year again, another release is nearly upon us, which means a whole bunch of new features and functionality to play around with. Salesforce releases bring excitement both to Admins & Developers in the backend, as well as users who get UI improvements on the frontend.

Having just announced the release date, sandbox preview, and pre-release org information for Salesforce Summer ’21, the release notes are also now available! So in true Salesforce Ben fashion, let’s dive into our top 10 features of this release…


1. Flow Updates

With every new release, there are many amazing enhancements to Flow and the Summer ‘21 release does not disappoint. 

Tim Combridge has already given us a sneak preview in his Summer ’21 Treasure Hunt post, but here are a few standout updates…

2. Dynamic Actions Bar (Pilot)

There’s an exciting update for Dynamic Actions in the Summer ‘21 release. You can now quickly and easily configure a Dynamic Actions bar for your standard and custom actions, including setting visibility for the entire Dynamic Actions bar. 

Check out our complete guide to Dynamic Actions here.

3. Inline Editing in Salesforce Reports (Beta)

Salesforce is bringing the power of inline editing to reports! Now, if a record is out of date, you can update certain fields (text, numeric, and checkbox) without leaving the report view. For example, if a sales rep is viewing an Opportunity report, they can update the Probability field from the report and the report will automatically refresh.

4. Download a Dashboard Image to a File

You can now download a dashboard as a PNG file that can then be embedded in documents, presentations or anywhere else!

5. See Record Access Reasons in Lightning Experience

Use the Record Sharing Hierarchy in Lightning Experience to easily understand why a user has access to a certain record.

6. Improve Page Performance with Custom Lightning Component Analysis

The Analyze Button will now give you insights and performance predictions for your custom components. For a full overview of the Analyze Button check out our article here!

7. Save Time with Mass Actions in Split View

We love Split View, however previously, you had to switch back to a List View to perform mass actions. Well no more! You can now perform mass actions in Split View as well.

8. Drive Sales Team Accountability with Pipeline Inspection

Pipeline Inspection provides sales reps with a single view of their pipeline including key metrics and opportunities. In addition, Pipeline Inspection displays changes in close dates, amounts, stages, and forecast categories. 

Using these insights, sales reps can focus on the most important deals and managers can identify opportunities or reps that need more support. 

9. Native Sales Navigator Integration for LinkedIn

Previously, LinkedIn Navigator integration was only available as an AppExchange App. With the Summer ‘21 release, Salesforce has provided native integration for Sales Navigator, including a LinkedIn Sales Navigator component that can be added to the Lightning page layout for the lead, contact, opportunity, and account objects.

You can also add InMail and Connection Request Lightning actions.

10. Three FREE In-App Guidance Walkthroughs

Previously, Walkthroughs were a paid feature of MyTrailhead, but with the Summer ‘21 release you get 3 Walkthroughs for free! 

Walkthroughs enable you to create a hands-on interactive tour, guiding users through onboarding or new features, with step-by-step prompts. Check out the video below for more information…


I hope you enjoyed this summary of our favourite Salesforce Summer ’21 features. Did we miss any out? What are you most looking forward to?

Let us know in the comments below…


11 thoughts on “10 of My Favourite Salesforce Summer ’21 Features

  1. Happy to see continuous flow enhancements with these releases! Also inline edit in report is a gamechanger (although inline edit in related lists would be even better)
    Great post!

  2. Inline editing in reports is going to be sure a huge gamechanger! Simple, but super effective. Also really excited about downloading a dashboard!

  3. Great article, thanks Christine. It’s worth mentioning that the Dynamic Actions Bar is only a pilot in Summer ’21 though.

    1. Christine Marshall


      Hi Nick,

      I’ve updated the article to make sure it’s clearer that it is in Pilot.

      Best, Christine

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