10 Hottest Salesforce Summer ’22 Features

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It’s that time of the year again! Another Salesforce release is approaching, which means a whole bunch of new features and functionality to play around with. Releases bring excitement to both admins and developers in the backend of Salesforce, as well as users who get to enjoy UI improvements on the frontend.

Having just announced the release date, sandbox preview, and pre-release org information for Salesforce Summer ’22, the release notes are also now available! So in true Salesforce Ben fashion, let’s dive into our top features for this release…

1. Custom Address Field

A custom address field that functions in the same fashion as the standard address field has been a much needed feature for years! In super exciting news, Address as a Custom Field is in Beta from the Summer ‘22 release. 

2. Customize and Filter Related Lists in the Lightning App Builder

Dynamic Forms, Dynamic Actions, Dynamic Interactions and now Dynamic Related Lists

Dynamic related lists add a new component to Lightning pages – ‘Dynamic Related List – Single’. Dynamic Related Lists give you the ability to create custom related lists that can be filtered to display only when particular criteria are met.

In the following video, I create two related lists on the Account page, one showing ‘Open Opportunities’ and the other showing ‘Closed Won Opportunities’. I can configure which fields are displayed and in what order, choose the number of records to display, and also select which actions are available. 

3. Share Individual Campaigns with Colleagues in Lightning

Campaign Owners can now manually share individual Campaigns with other Salesforce users. This functionality was available in Classic and is now also available in Lightning Experience.

4. Picklists

Picklists are getting a bumper enhancement in the Summer ‘22 release – with so many great new features we just had to include them all…

Bulk Manage Picklist Values (Beta)

I’m feeling a lot of admin love from Salesforce in this latest release – plenty of new features that will increase productivity and save time when configuring picklists! In particular, the ability to delete, activate, deactivate, or replace multiple custom picklist field values at once, instead of one at a time.

You’ll need to opt in to ‘Advanced Picklist Values Management (beta)’ from the Picklist Settings page in Setup.

Get a List of Custom Picklist Fields with Inactive Values

This little time-saving trick also improves system performance; you can now opt to receive an email when custom picklist fields have more than 4,000 inactive values, whereas before, you would have had to check each field individually!

Clean Up Inactive Picklist Values (Beta)

You can now bulk delete inactive picklist values in custom picklist fields instead of having to do it one by one! 

You’ll need to opt in to ‘Bulk Delete Inactive Picklist Values (beta)’ from the Picklist Settings page in Setup.

Learn Which Picklist Values Are Duplicates

Historically, if you tried to add a new picklist value that already existed and was therefore a duplicate, you’d just get a warning that one of your new values was a duplicate… Not very helpful, especially if you were creating a long list of new values. With the Summer ‘22 release, the duplicate value error message will tell you which of your values is a duplicate!

5. Reports and Dashboards

Reports and dashboards have seen a whole lot of love over the last few releases. We couldn’t pick just one enhancement from the latest release… So we’ve included all of them! 

“Reports and dashboards… fun for users and Admins alike.”

Limit Results in Tabular Reports

Yes, yes, you could do this in Classic… But you can now set a row limit in a tabular report in Lightning Experience! Once a row limit has been set, you can also use a tabular report in a dashboard. 

Interestingly, you’ll find the option to add a row limit in the Filters tab… I’m not sure this is an obvious location for this feature – I’m telling you so that you can tell your users! 

You’ll also need to sort by a column first before the option to add a row limit becomes available

Create Reports Based on Selected Salesforce Objects (Beta)

Fed up of selecting a report type, only to discover it doesn’t contain the object or objects you need? Well, no more! You can now filter on specific objects when creating a new report.

Summary Functions Now Include Median

When summarizing fields you can now select the median function

Edit Multiple Fields on the Report Run Page (Generally Available)

Inline editing for reports just gets better and better with every release. You can now edit multiple fields and records without needing to rerun your report. This is a huge time saver and brings greater feature parity between list views and reports.

6. Einstein

There are a number of updates to Einstein in this release. Our favorites include…

Estimate Your Company’s Return on Investment for Einstein Lead Scoring

This one is quite self-explanatory! Use the Einstein Readiness Assessor to estimate what value Einstein Lead Scoring might bring to your company.

Enable Einstein Prediction Builder with Guided Setup

Who doesn’t love a guided wizard when setting up new features? There is a new guided setup available for Einstein Prediction Builder, available to admins with the CRM Analytics Plus, Einstein Predictions, EinsteinBuilderFree, or Platform Plus licenses. The wizard will walk you through your setup choices and help you avoid potential issues.

Deflect Cases with Einstein Article Recommendations for Flows (Generally Available)

You can now add smart article recommendations to your Flow, answering common questions and deflecting Cases by sending Knowledge articles. 

Automate Case Triage with Einstein Case Classification for Flows (Pilot)

By using Flow and Einstein Case Classification together, you can dynamically classify new Cases and send them to the relevant queue/team. This feature is currently in pilot. 

7. Enable Person Accounts Without Contacting Salesforce Support

Salesforce have introduced a guided setup to self-enable Person Accounts. Historically, you had to contact Salesforce Support to get Person Accounts enabled. Before you excitedly check out the new setup wizard, remember that Person Accounts cannot be disabled! So only enable them after doing your due diligence…

8. Customize Cumulative Rollup Names

Isn’t it funny, there didn’t seem to be many changes to forecasts for ages and then boom! Just like buses, a bunch of enhancements come all at once. In the previous release we saw a new, efficient forecast setup, new forecasting KPIs, custom filters, and more…

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In the Summer ‘22 release we are now able to customize cumulative rollup names. This means that you can change the label of a cumulative rollup.

9. New Product Names

As products continue to grow and add new features, it’s inevitable that sometimes the original name isn’t fit for purpose anymore. Salesforce have recently renamed an awful lot of their products… So here’s a reminder of these changes:

10. Slack Apps 

Since the acquisition, there’s been a constant stream of new innovation and exciting ways to use Slack and Salesforce together, creating Slack-First Customer 360 – “a single platform for connecting employees, customers, partners with the apps and workflows they need to get work done”.

From the ability to “swarm” on a Case, to managing your pipeline and top Accounts, directly from Slack, there’s plenty to check out in the Salesforce Apps for Slack release notes


I hope you enjoyed this bumper edition of our favorite Salesforce Summer ’22 features – there were so many great features to choose from! Did we miss any out? What are you most looking forward to? Let us know in the comments below…

14 thoughts on “10 Hottest Salesforce Summer ’22 Features

  1. Kevin Partington


    Thanks Christine. Can you confirm that inline report editing will definitely be generally available in this release? I was discussing when it would move from beta to GA with a colleague the other day.

  2. Can I make a request? Maybe flesh out or at least “tease us a bit” with some more details about the Slack features. I clicked through the links and it’s like a rabbit whole of other disconnected links some going back to other releases.

  3. Would LOVE to read about the 10 hottest Pardot (Marketing Cloud Account Engagement) features Summer ’22 🙂

  4. Benjamin Holvey


    Thanks, Christine! Based on what I saw in your demo, it looks like Dynamic Related Lists are basically taking Enhanced Lightning Grids/Sortable Data Grids and making them native. In terms of feature parity, the only things I’m left wondering about are (a) the 30-record limit (vs. pagination in SDGs) and (b) grid- and row-level actions. Does that sound right to you?

  5. Hi, looking at my sandbox it looks like the Dynamic related lists feature is not available for Chat transcript and Messaging session, do you know anything about it?

    1. Dynamic related lists feature no available for ‘Order’ object record page as well. Any idea if this is restricted to specific objects only ?

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