Summer ’22 Treasure Hunt: Pre-Release Orgs Are Live!

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Ahoy, me hearties! The Summer ’22 Salesforce release is fast approaching. So, to bring you what’s new, I’ve been hunting in my pre-release org for ‘treasure’. Plus, there will be plenty more goodies coming when the Release Notes arrive on Apr 27, 2022. 

Explore new Salesforce release features before they’re pushed to production during this exciting period (check the release timeline here). 

As usual, there should be a unique Trailhead Treasure Hunter badge up for grabs. You can earn this by posting about the treasures you discover as a comment on this post in the Trailblazer Community – use the hashtag #Summer22Treasure.

1. Dynamic Related Lists

This is a H-U-G-E development and ‘another nail in the coffin’ for Page Layouts.

We’ve been treated to Dynamic Forms and Dynamic Actions – Dynamic Related Lists now make an appearance in this release!

This idea was born back in 2006 and has now made it into the system after a round of prioritization.

From what I’ve seen, there are a few different elements to this:

  • Within the Lightning App Builder, you can configure which object you want to display records for, which record to use to find records (e.g. the direct account or the parent account), a custom label for the list, and the maximum number of records to display.
  • You can also add fields in the builder, and select a sort field and a sort order.
  • Apply filters on the list to only show certain records, e.g. Closed Won Opportunities, Opportunities that have been pushed out, or New Business deals – the possibilities are endless here, so I’m super excited about this part!
  • As with most items in the Lightning App Builder, you can also apply Component Visibility to only show for certain profiles for example.

Fingers crossed that in the future this is made even better with filter logic e.g. (1 OR 2) AND 3.

2. Flows Listed in Object Manager

Flow is the future of Salesforce automation, which means there are plenty of new features (as Process Builder and Workflow Rules are due for retirement).

Salesforce are putting effort into making Flow less daunting by adding descriptions that explain the different types of variables:

You can now see triggered flows in a menu within the Object Manager, which should make management of these easier from the central place that all object configuration is done:

3. New Flow Templates 

Salesforce have introduced new Flow Templates to cover more everyday scenarios including Change Case Owner to Incident Owner and Close Change Request & Related Issues:

4. Formula Support for Record-Triggered Flows

Formula support has been added to Record-Triggered Flows! This means your record-triggered flows can be triggered using a Formula condition.

This opens up the opportunity for you to migrate more Workflow Rules that had formulas as an entry criteria…

5. Migrate Workflow Rules to Flow

The Migrate Workflow Rules to Flow tool is not only out of Beta, but also supports Workflows with formulas, even when the criteria is “Evaluate the rule when a record is created, and any time it’s edited to subsequently meet criteria”.

6. Flow Actions for Service Cloud and Omni-Channel

Salesforce have added actions for anyone using Service Cloud or Omni-Channel to Check Availability for Routing, Fetch Case Classifications, or Create Article Recommendations.

Look out for the full rundown on what is new for Flow in #Summer22, coming shortly after the Release Notes are live!

7. New Report Type Selector

I’ve worked in a lot of orgs and have faced duplicate report types on many occasions. For users, this can be frustrating as they likely don’t know which type of report to choose, or which fields are included in a report type.

The new selector allows you to see related objects and fields included with each Report Type at the point of report creation:

8. Permission Set Expiry

In Spring ‘22, Permission Set expiry (i.e. the ability to assign Permission Sets for a certain amount of time) was in Beta, along with a sprinkle of Lightning UI within the Permission Set assignment screen (these features have now busted out of Beta and are Generally Available).

9. Person Account Setup Wizard

Salesforce have introduced a guided setup to self-enable Person Accounts. Historically, this was a case of following the instructions in your org and then reaching out to support to get the feature enabled – a pain point that should be a thing of the past.

Remember, Person Accounts are for life, so consider the long-term impact before switching them on.

10. Enhanced Einstein Bots

When you create a bot, you can choose a standard or an ‘enhanced’ bot. This new type of bots have new features, including the ability to:

  • Route via Omni-Channel.
  • Send a file (but not receive one).
  • Preview the output as Plain Text (for example if you are using SMS).

These features only seem to be for Enhanced Bots, but this will be confirmed by the release notes.

11. Einstein Bots Builder (New Layout)

For all bots, in general, the builder layout seems to have been updated and includes a helpful dialog component library to help guide anyone building out a bot.

12. Experience Cloud Refresh Page Component

Now we have it, it seems odd that this ability was not here before. Within the Experience Builder you can now add a component to refresh the page once every 30 seconds.

This is a useful function when coupled with “Audiences” (to only display on certain records or to certain users), averting the need to build something custom for this.


Are you as excited for #Summer22 as I am?

Some major features are definitely coming in this release, with hints of other new products such as Industries Cloud Einstein(?) and support for Bulk Delete Inactive Picklist Values (Beta) within a Production Org (to be confirmed by the release notes).

Stay tuned as we ‘Go with the Flow’ with a full rundown once the Release Notes arrive. Pop on your pirate hat and search for your own #Summer22Treasure in a pre-release org from Apr 21, 2022.

9 thoughts on “Summer ’22 Treasure Hunt: Pre-Release Orgs Are Live!

  1. The Dynamic Related Lists feature looks amazing! But I’m playing around with it in my preview org and it looks like if you add a dynamic related list, the title of the list isn’t clickable and you can’t open it. For example, if I have a Contacts related list on an account, and there are 6 contacts on the account that should display, and I limit the number that display to 3, I can’t click the name of the related list to see all 6. Is anyone else experiencing this?

    1. Hi Katie,

      Dynamic Related Lists do not currently support a “View All” option e.g. you can show up to 30 (or however many you have defined – in your example, 3) but you cannot then view more/show all. To be able to “View All” you need to use the standard related list component.

      This is a current limitation.

  2. Did you have to do something to enable “Flow triggers” visibility by record type? I don’t have that option in my org.

  3. Address as a Custom Field Type beta is also there for all those interested!
    You will find it in User Interface (Lightning)

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