Spring ’17 Release – 3 Advancing Areas

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Another smashing Salesforce Release is just around the corner. Last week we covered the upcoming release from Classic UI perspective, now, let’s look at if from an overall release. After having a good dig around the Spring’17 Release Notes I’ve picked out 3 areas that are having a great uplift, where lots of attention and focus have been (and will continue) to be enhanced; Predictive data, Messaging and much more to Lightning. Without further ado, here they are..

1. Lightning Experience

Console (Sales and Service are now available in LEX), users can be more productive and efficient having all tools they may need in one screen displaying relevant contextual data. Forget about multiple browser tabs, Console is the real boost of getting more done and in less time.

Forecasting, this was in fact one of the reasons some of my customers were not yet fully migrated to the Lightning Experience. Now Collaborative Forecasting is nicely rendered, just add the tab via Setup > App Manager.

Kanban & Path are everywhere after the great success and adoption on Kanban board for Opportunities and Leads.

— This great feature deserves a bit of background —

Kanban is a japanese word that literally means ‘visual sign / card’, comes from the early days of SixSigma (Lean project management approach by Toyota) in terms of Agile and how Kanban supports it there are key 4 items:

– Visualize Work

– Limit Work in Process

– Focus on Flow

– Continuous Improvement

That is exactly how this feature can empower your organization from ‘business as usual’ to ‘business evolution’

Find out more about Kanban features coming up

2. Messaging

From Forrester’s research last year we learn that “65% of US online adults said they used instant messaging /online with a live person” and that there is a high expectation of instant response from brands to consumers.

LiveMessage allows your service agents to receive inbound text messages from your customers on the same landline or 800 number that customers use to call. Agents can also initiate outbound text messages to your customers for proactive communications, meeting your customers wherever they are. We covered some of the intricacies and acquisition of HeyWire in this previous post.

Direct Messages come to play in communities! Enabling 1-to-1 conversations with your community members. Powered by Napili template.

3. Predictive Data

Marketing Cloud insights get extended thanks to Krux audience segmentation and targeting capabilities to power consumer marketing with even more precision. It does so by collecting online and offline signals about a consumer, then ingest and aggregates making it available for analysis and targeting. Find out more about Krux acquisition via Salesforce.

Salesforce Einstein is here, we finally get a taste of its early days of this AI built into the Salesforce platform. From insights for Leads, Opportunities and Account objects, automatic activity capture for Sales Cloud to even landing into the Commerce Cloud. Capturing shopping, order, and product data, so you can display other products that are often bought together).

Spring´17 release is planned to hit production instances release from 4th of February. Find out when your instance will get the release: https://status.salesforce.com/status

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