Salesforce Winter ’19 Release Notes – First Look at Lightning

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The day you have been waiting for is finally here. Salesforce released Sandbox preview information for Winter ’19 last week, and since yesterday morning, the release notes are here! This is your chance to definitively find out what is coming in this release, and the features, tools, and functionality that you want to start implementing for your company or client.

The release notes are structured in a way that you can get straight to your area of interest, for examples Sales Cloud, Service Cloud, Pardot, or if you would like to dive into Lightning development or declarative customizations

Over the coming weeks we will be releasing more information about specific features we find particularly interesting, so stay tuned and sign up for the newsletter for more information. In the meantime, check out some of our favourite areas that Salesforce have focussed on for this release…

Lightning Enhancements

With every release of Salesforce, comes a whole host of features and enhancements that are added to Lightning. As most of you might know, there are minimal (If any), changes happening to Salesforce classic now. With each release comes even more people that are switching over to the new way of working, and I’m sure this release will be no exception. Here are a few of our favourite items…

Density Settings  – Salesforce has always had a default look and feel when it comes to the number of fields that can fit on one screen. To some users, this has really annoyed them as the fields are pretty far apart. From Winter ’19, users can now switch between a “Comfy” or “Compact” look. Compact is able to fit 30% more fields on the page, meaning for users that want it, they can see more information at a glance.

Change Owner – A feature that has plagued Lightning users since release is that fact that you cannot bulk change the owner for Leads, Cases or Custom Objects. Workarounds had to be applied. But no more! Change Owner feature is here and coming in Winter ’19.

List View Sharing – Since the release of Lightning, you have only been able to share List views either to everyone in the organisation for a particular object, or yourself. Classic gave you the ability to share between roles, public groups, or any other sharing mechanism. Now we have been blessed with this in Lightning as well.

Joined Reports – Another bugbear for Salesforce users and Admins is that Joined Reports have taken a while to catch-up with Classic. From Winter ’19 you will be able to fully view and edit Joined Reports in Lightning.

Lightning Adoption

Capture Feedback – An option can now be switched on to enable users to record the reason why they are switching back to Classic. This information can be posted to a chatter group of your choice, which will enable Admins to answer questions, and gather feedback from their users in a structured manner.

Migrate Actions & Buttons – Unfortunately for some, the amount of customisations made to a classic org means it is very time-consuming to switch to Lightning. Salesforce has been working on various tools to make this as easy as possible. This release is no different and includes the Configuration Converter which allows you to convert actions and buttons with ease.

Readiness Report– As some of you might very well know, the readiness report is nothing new. However, with each release, Salesforce bring out additional information to inform you further about the switch, as well as highlight more potential problems. The Readiness report will now give you updated information about ROI, help with the Configuration Converter, among other topics.

Keep Users in Lightning – You can now prevent users from switching back to classic by turning off the ability to switch. This option must be turned on carefully in case there is a function users cannot carry out in Lightning.


Stay tuned for further posts on this release to uncover more features and enhancements that you can delight your customers with. Enjoy the release!

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