Salesforce Winter ’17 – My Top 3 Picks

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Screen Shot 2016-08-24 at 19.24.48Woohoo another smashing Salesforce Release is just around the corner where once again you will experience a “Striking”. Winter ´17 release is planned to hit preview in our Sandboxes from 9th September and production instances release from 8th October.

After having a good browse at the Winter’17 Release Notes you can easily sense the underlying themes: Boost Efficiency, Navigation & Contextual Insights.

After a great read of the release notes, here are my top 3 game changing areas and their highlights:

1. Processes Get Promoted

If you use Visual Flow you will know how powerful is it, at the same time this tool hasn’t had the levels of utilization we all hoped for. This could be because for some of us, it wasn’t as easy to get our head around as other Point-and-Click tools. But once you conquer it, the sky´s the limit.

Now Visual Flow just got an extreme make over with a Lightning Skin (Beta feature), so if you like Process Builder you’ll love this! In Lightning Experience you can embed flows in Lightning Pages with the same look and feel, guiding your users step by step through the processes, capture key data, highlight relevant record information and a lot more.


Lets not forget about Process Builder‘s new capabilities! From accessing Owner details beyond the OwnerID but also related Queue and User record fields, from a process you can now trigger another process, to a pilot program where encrypted fields are accessible.

2. Sales Cloud Gets a Booster

  • Enhancement on News (formerly called Account Insights), within an account record now as a user you will have easier access to what their top exec´s have been up to via an ‘Executive Card’. News items are available in other objects such as contacts, leads, you can share news articles in Chatter and more.


  • Our beloved Quotes, Contracts and Campaign Influence are joining Lightning Experience! Create and edit quotes and it’s line items, add them to opportunities and save them as a pdf.
  • Kanban View has now launched in Lightning Experience, Salesforce has taken the meaning of Kanban to another level to give us a way to visually manage Campaigns, Contracts and Leads right there and then without diversions.


3. Service Cloud Gets Enlightened

  • Omni-Channel Supervisor (Beta) gives real time data at your fingertips! Teams can be operationally supported on the spot, having a holistic view of your activities, queues, workload etc.


  • Instagram is the latest addition to Social customer service joining Twitter and Facebook, scan instagram for a specific hashtag and open a case!
  • Open CTI is now ready in Lightning Experience. Bear in mind there is only one more release to migrate to Open CTI, so if your company uses Desktop CTI talk with your provider and browse the AppExchange to make the move.


There are many more great additions with Winter’17 release, from the Field-Level Help in Lightning Experience, Colour code your Calendar by Activity type, In Context Pop-ups (when create, edit, delete or clone records), customers can schedule Field Service Appointments from Communities, enhancements on Contact to Multiple Accounts feature, journeys joins Pardot, to template packaging for Partners.

As of a couple of days ago you can get an external pre-release developer instance, I very much recommend doing so, have a good play around and discover which are you favourite game changing features!

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