Salesforce Summer ’17 – Sales Cloud Lightning Improvements

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With each new Salesforce release comes a huge amount of features that are now supported in Lightning Experience. One of the biggest reasons companies are not making the switch over to this clean, swish new interface, is the lack of supported classic features. Salesforce have largely done a huge job here over the past couple of years correcting these faults and as a result, adoption of the Lightning Experience is increasing. There are of course ongoing compatibility issues that are being reviewed and corrected, but you will be glad to know there is a huge amount of support provided in the Summer ’17 release, these are a few of the most important within the Sales Cloud..

Relate Accounts to Leads Faster with Account Matching

Lead conversion has long had a few issues that are slowly being corrected within the Lightning Experience. One of the main issues was that if a single account was matched against a lead, it would have been pre-populated in the Account field, not allowing you to select the correct record. With Summer ’17, the conversion mechanism is brought up to speed with Salesforce Classic.

– Support for person accounts—If the lead contains a company name, we search business accounts. If there is no company name, we search person accounts instead.

– Enhanced type ahead—Type-ahead search in the Account Name field now searches across all accounts rather than searching only the user’s recently used accounts.

– Multiple match—When a user clicks the Account Name field during lead conversion, a dropdown menu includes a list of all accounts that match the lead’s company name. If the lead does not have a company name, the list contains matching person accounts. Read more..

Access Field History Related Lists in Lightning Experience

For reasons unknown to the Salesforce community, the field history related list has not been supported thus far in the Lightning Experience. Field History tracking allows you to see changes to a record with information such as, who made it, the date it was made, and the previous and current value. This is of course very important for auditing, but also correcting mistakes. If you have previously added the field history related list to the page layout in classic, it will now appear in Lightning. Read more..

Add Dashboard Filters in Lightning Experience

A time saving feature beloved by many in the Salesforce world is dashboard filters. Dashboard filters allows you to add a filter to an entire dashboard, meaning that you can customise an entire dashboard by selecting a different filter. This saves a huge amount of time as the only real alternative is to create multiple dashboards to do the same job. Users that love this feature can now rejoice as its supported in Lightning! Read more..

Use Your Classic Email Templates in Lightning Experience

The Lightning Experience brought a lot of great features when working with Email Templates and activity history, but unfortunately the only templates you could use until now were Custom HTML. This was seriously bad news to the majority of users that use standard Text or Letterhead email templates, but this changes from Summer ’17 onwards. You can use your Text, Custom HTML, and Letterhead email templates in Lightning Experience. There are a few considerations when using these classic templates, so ensure you read the release notes.

Create Report and Dashboard Folders in Lightning Experience

A simple but never the less, effective feature improvement, you can now create report and dashboard folders in lightning experience instead of switching back to classic. Need I say more!? Read more…

See Opportunity Stage History in Lightning Experience

As the beloved field history related list has now been added the the Lightning Experience inventory, Salesforce have thrown in a bonus for us, the Opportunity stage history related list! Similar to field history tracking, the opportunity stage history list focuses on the stage, amount, probability and close date fields. Read more..

5 thoughts on “Salesforce Summer ’17 – Sales Cloud Lightning Improvements

  1. Yep let’s get excited about Salesforce delivering features already delivered in Classic. I’m at the point where I would find another CRM if the change wasn’t likely to painful and costly. But wait … moving to Lightning may prove painful 🙁

  2. Thanks Ben, always good stuff from your articles! Going thought each user profile day in the life is critical for uncovering what works and what doesn’t in your org.

  3. Personally, I *can’t stand* lightning. It’s SLOW, I find it unintuitive (but to be fair, if I spent more time in it, I’d eventually “get it”), and the fact that I can’t act on multiple records rapidly in different tabs KILLS my productivity. The first thing I do in a new org is turn Lightning off. I think we’d switch if they took that away.



    Can someone explore and confirm whether Save to PDF for quote works in Lightnining or not in recent releases?

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