My Favourite Spring ’15 Features

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Salesforce Spring ’15 is upon us (With one of the best logos yet!) and Salesforce have treated us with some long awaited features that are going to change how a lot of people automate Salesforce. I’ve listed 5 of my favourite features below.

Lightning Process Builder (Generally Available)

Screen Shot 2015-01-11 at 23.38.22

Announced at Dreamforce 2014, the Lightning Process Builder is a god send for Salesforce Administrators who have had to deal with creating complex and interconnecting workflows to perform a relatively simple task. The Lightning Process Builder brings a few key features to life.

  • It allows you to visualise what you are building.
  • You can now add actions for both the True and False outcomes of a formula evaluation.
  • You can include multiple evaluations meaning you can create multiple “Workflow Rules” inside the Lightning Process Builder.
  • It opens up more actions including creating new objects (wow!), updating child object fields and posting to chatter.

Sales Path

Sales Path is pretty cool and I think its a step in the right direction for Salesforce who haven’t really dived into that whole help/guidelines area yet. Sales Path allows you to set up structured pages where you can show Sales reps key fields and tips along the way of what to do at each stage. The Image below pretty much speaks for itself. It kind of reminds me of WalkMe‘s product but obviously integrated into Salesforce.

Screen Shot 2015-01-11 at 23.43.33

Subscribe to Receive Report Notifications (Generally Available)

This is a big feature, and certainly one that has taken me by surprise. Subscribing to reports will allow you to be notified by Salesforce when a report reaches a total metric. E.g. I would like to subscribe to the High Priority cases report and be notified when more than 5 High Priority cases are open. Here is a few points..

  • Subscribe to a report and define the metric that triggers the notification
  • Define how often and when (e.g. Just weekdays)
  • Send by Email, Chatter, SF1 Notification or Custom Action (Very Interesting…)

Screen Shot 2015-01-11 at 23.52.51

Duplicate Management

You always wonder why some companies like Apple and Salesforce take so long to bring out features, but its because they do it right. Duplicate Manager brings a whole host of features to no longer make finding Duplicates a manual process. Duplicate Management primarily brings Alerts and Blocking to the table with a whole host of reporting features. Duplicate Management actually uses data from (But does not require a License), to make sure the data is accurate. Very exciting feature that I can’t wait to play around with.

  • You can use Duplicate Management with Leads, Accounts and Contacts.
  • Choose actions from Allow/Block and whether to Alert or Report on this action.
  • Can use standard Matching Rule/ Custom Rules and optionally add your own conditions. (e.g. Profile not equal to SysAdmin)

Screen Shot 2015-01-12 at 00.00.45


Here’s a pretty neat feature that I think is going to become even more relevant as Salesforce Communities are starting to grow and integrate the customer experience. Question to Case will simply allow you to create a Case from a Question posted in chatter.  A pretty simple little feature, but something that just helps agents operate faster and more efficiently.

Screen Shot 2015-01-12 at 00.12.19

If you would like to read more about any of these features then please see the full release notes posted below (Please note some of these images were taken from the release notes).

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