Winter ’17 Classic UI Features

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The latest Salesforce Release notes are out and full of great Lightning Experience features, some of which we mentioned last week.
Yet, as per current limitations on Lightning Experience, many customers are still in preparation or assessment stage prior making the move to the Lightning Experience. For all of you, here are some of my favourite upcoming capabilities that will be available in Salesforce Classic..


  • Standard & Multi-select Picklist has increased its character limits per value, right up to 255.
  • Global Picklists are now generally available, so you can save time and have one source Picklist for items that may repeat across objects, so you can create and update available values from your ‘Global Picklist’.


Social Media

Instagram is the latest addition to Social Customer Service, joining Twitter and Facebook. Create a rule from Social Hub to activate #hashtag listening. Not only this, but you can also reply to a Facebook comments from Salesforce without importing the “original post” which makes the process much more efficient.

Field Service

The very useful ‘Knowledge One Widget’ now suggests articles on Work Orders object as it works currently for Case object.
As part of the search enhancements now Field Service objects will be available in search such as Operating Hours, Resource Absence, Service Appointment, Service Resource, Service Resource Skill, Service Territory, Service Territory Member.


You can play videos directly on the feed when it is added as a post or comment. Anyone with access to the post can play it right there and then without leaving the page. That’s one less click for mankind!



If you use service console there are two very interesting beta features:

– Omni-Channel Routing for Chats (Beta) enables to route and prioritize Live agent chats as other types of ‘Work Items’ previously were only via skills and availability.

– Omni-Channel Supervisor (Beta) you can view the current full picture of your team activities, queues, workload etc.


Lets not forget that we operate on a multitenant architecture and salesforce controls via governance limits the best use of its resources, yet every release those limits get extended so each instance can go beyond.

– Spanning Relationships, so for formulas the limit of unique relationships has increased from 10 to 15.

– Asset & Service Contract Hierarchies limits will be removed on hierarchy depth and width (now up to 10,000 records)

– Daily API sending ‘single or mass’ emails you will be able to send up to 5,000 email addresses per day per instance.

– API calls increase for Enterprise Edition, Unlimited Edition, Performance Edition, and Professional Edition with API access enabled gets extra 15,000 more calls per 24h rolling period.

Process Builder

Last but not least, from Process Builder you will be able to call another Process Builder. This helps to organize your processes better, similar to how you would trigger auto launched flows from process actions. As an idea you can use this to create ‘reusable processes’ which could be triggered from multiple scenarios and objects.


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