Spring ’20 Treasure Hunt: Pre-Release Orgs Are Live!

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The new Spring ’20 release is just around the corner, and that means we have access to the new pre-release orgs. A ‘Treasure Hunt’ kicks off at this point in each release cycle, where Trailblazers search for new features to test out for ourselves. Arrrrr mateys, we’re going on a Treasure Hunt!

So how can you get started? Where do you post your findings? How do you claim your Treasure Hunter status? All this and more is available on the official Release Readiness Trailblazers group on the Trailblazer Community (here’s a quick shortcut: bit.ly/Spring20Treasure).

What Counts as Treasure?

This journey of feature discovery is one that could land you with a special Treasure Hunter badge that you can use to show off to your clients and colleagues how knowledgeable you are about the new release, long before it’s even publicly available.

If you’re looking to report some treasure, you just need to find a feature that is new in the Spring ’20 Pre-release org and hasn’t yet been reported in the comments or on Twitter using the #Spring20Treasure hashtag – it’s that simple!

Gems Discovered Already

Some examples of treasures that have already been discovered are:

1. Opportunity Contact Role in Processes

We can finally trigger a Process on an Opportunity Contact Role record. This has been a sorely missed feature for admins for a long time, so it’s great to see Salesforce responding and providing this functionality!

2. Assign Tasks to Queues

Tasks can now be assigned to queues. This was a pain point in my first ever Salesforce project, so I’m glad to see this has been addressed too.

3. ‘Get Record’ Element in Flows

A new ability inside the ‘Get Record’ element in Flows allows all fields to be stored, rather than selecting them one-by-one. This will be particularly handy in bypassing Flow errors that occur due to not gathering a specific field from a record.

Other treasures uncovered by the community include:

  • Permission Set Group
  • Badge, Group Object (in Process Builder)
  • New Flow Types
  • Channel Menu (under Embedded service)
  • Platform Event message is received (in Process Builder)
  • Record Level Access obeyed in Flow system mode


These are just a few pieces that have been discovered by other treasure hunters! Keep an eye out on the Trailblazer Community Group, Twitter and, of course, the SalesforceBen blog. I’d strongly suggest you sign up for your own Pre-release org and start digging around yourself, you may find yourself with an official Treasure Hunter badge before too long!

And finally, get excited! We get three exciting releases per year, each one should be anticipated with glee! Get to it and enjoy yourself among the Spring ’20 Release!

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