Want to Influence the Salesforce Winter ’23 Roadmap?

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We’re a fan of IdeaExchange Prioritization here at Salesforce Ben. Prioritization cycles are periods of time throughout the year when Salesforce product managers pitch potential Salesforce features and enhancements. Salesforce professionals then vote on the ideas they believe will have the greatest impact – as a result, Salesforce product development works to deliver the winning ideas.

In other words, IdeaExchange Prioritization takes the user wish list and marries it up with reality – how Salesforce product development actually happens and taking complexity into account.

The current cycle will tee up features for the Winter ’23 roadmap. While this may sound futuristic, this is the release that will arrive around October 2022 (as someone said once, “Salesforce Winter releases are not particularly winter-y”).

Every Salesforce ‘Trailblazer’ (member of the Salesforce Trailblazer community) is given 100 coins to spend. You can spend these how you like, by allocating different amounts to multiple ideas according to how important it is to you.

We are certainly curious to see what will be included in the Salesforce Winter ’23 release. Here are the future features that came out of previous Prioritization cycles.

Top picks for a potential Winter ’23 delivery are:

  • Improved record type management (High effort): focused around record type assignment for profiles (revamping the current admin interface in Setup, which is clunky to use).
  • Include permission set groups in delegated admin (High effort): permission set groups are not available to be assigned within the Delegated Administration Group structure, which is preventing some organizations from using permission set groups.

Other ideas are for Salesforce’s more specific products such as Pardot, Nonprofit Success Pack (NPSP), Salesforce Maps, and Commerce Cloud.

Prioritization voting is open until February 7th, 11pm PST – so your time is limited!

Even if your top picks don’t make it onto the roadmap (something that’s led to conversation around the community), it’s still fascinating to see how Salesforce could be enhanced.

It’s exciting to think about what could be included in the Salesforce Winter ’23 release. Happy voting!

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