Salesforce Spring ’20: Our Top 10 Features [Video]

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The Salesforce Spring ’20 release is just around the corner – so it’s time to get ready for some great new features. Here’s our top 10.

See demos and screenshots of:

  • #1: Einstein Opportunity Scoring
  • #2: Clone Objects with Related Records
  • #3: Einstein Voice
  • #4: Lightning News in more Countries
  • #5: URL Hacking
  • #6: Assign Tasks to a Queue
  • #7: In-App Guidance Improvements
  • #8: Advanced Sales Cadences
  • #9: Case Hover & Edit
  • #10: Guests can use Lightning Scheduler

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2 thoughts on “Salesforce Spring ’20: Our Top 10 Features [Video]

  1. D’oh! I just tried #2 in a Preview Sandbox. It doesn’t allow cloning Campaigns and Campaign Members! Even though that has been on the IdeaExchange or more than 9 years. Instead, it closed the Campaign and Campaign Member Statuses? Ugh! So, so disappointing.

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