Heads-up Winter’18 is Coming

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Although some of us are still wearing flip-flops and the summer holidays are still in the air, we must turn to think about the upcoming Winter release.

Now, we have some time to get ready. One of the key things to first consider when a new release is approaching, is getting the upcoming functionality into your testing environments.

Thankfully, Salesforce does some planning and creates easy to digest content to help us to decide what we need to do, and when, in terms of refreshing Sandbox, ‘to get or not to get’, the release in those instances. (That is the question!)

Check it out: Salesforce blog on Sandbox Preview Instructions.

Why would you want to get the release as preview into a testing environment?

– Get the new features in advance before it hits your production

– Test that your customizations are not affected and work well with the upgrade

– Adopting and testing these features early are only going to benefit your instance

Why wouldn’t you want to do it?

– You are currently under development in some of the instances that can’t be bundled and released in timely manner to get your preview.

When this is the case, I would probably suggest having a separate Sandbox, where you can do some testing, to get the new functionality in. This way it can be used as pre-staging prior going to your production so that the functionality you are developing can be evaluated against the upgrade.

A couple of features that I am especially excited for in the upcoming release:

– Lightning Experience Readiness Check

The report has expanded, now you get more accessible content, for example: productivity prediction on the move for Sales related items, estimates on migration tasks, includes even a business analyst style guidance on roll-out processes, you can subsequently run within the report a ‘Lightning Experience Visualforce Check’ that takes you through recommendations to prepare your VF pages…

I am very impressed and excited about the guidance/reports/wizards Salesforce is providing us, such as this, the optimizer report, the Service Cloud SetUp Home and help & trust notifications. They are really bringing the contextual information beyond instances, now to administrators guiding through the change process to increase productivity and ease the transition.

– Integrated Gmail

Yeah! so many of use are on G Suite. So I am extremely happy for the Gmail and Lightning Sync, not only syncing emails but contacts and events too so you can reduce the switch between the tools and remove manual steps (if that is what’s currently happening). And for your users it’s as easy as downloading a Chrome extension.

– Joining Lightning

And finally, eh hm, if you were holding off your migration to lightning for Campaign Influence, Collaborative Forecasts, and Enterprise Territory Management, hey! Now is the time, these core Sales features are now available in Lightning Experience.

Bonus: If you are working with Lightning Components checkout this Developer Salesforce Blog Post, as Winter’18 is coming with a new look and feel for the rest of UI Lightning Experience, they have made global changes to improve the legibility of pages, increase content density, and improve the contrast between content cards and the background.

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