Exciting Updates to Trailhead – December 2017

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It’s been an amazing year for Trailhead, and Salesforce are certainly ending the year on a high. This year we’ve seen Trailhead expand massively, now boasting over 200 badges, as well as teasing us with the future including MyTrailhead. Salesforce have invested heavily into the Trailhead platform and it’s clear to see that it’s paying off with the amount of badges and certifications being earned.

The end of this year has brought even more developments to Trailhead which continue to give us a glimpse into the merger between SalesforceU & Trailhead.

Let’s begin with big news for budding developers..

Super Badges = Platform Developer II

Announced at TrailheaDX, the new Platform Developer II exam will be the first certification that interacts with the Trailhead platform. As you can see from the image below, the certification path will include the completion of four Trailhead super badges, as well as the classic multiple choice exam. Some of you Salesforce old schoolers might remember that previously you had to complete an assignment that was available a few times a year, and reviewed manually by Salesforce. This method opens up the availability to everyone that wants to complete it.

All super badges are now available, so the new PDII exam is open for you to take! Read the original announcement post here.

Vanity URL + More!

Last month an exciting Medium post, was released by Samantha Ready from team Trailhead, covering a few of the most exciting new features to make Salesforce more personalised. Here are some of those exciting features that you can start using straight away..

– Claim your Vanity URL. Login and go to your profile to choose a personalised Trailhead profile URL!

– New home page. As soon as you login to Trailhead you will be greeted by your new home page, see information such as trending badges, your in progress badges, as well as any new badges that have just come out. Don’t miss a thing!

– Self merge accounts. A much awaited feature is the ability to merge some of your older Salesforce or Trailhead accounts. Ensure you bring over all those hard earned badges.

Credential Status Request

As detailed by Ines earlier last week, you can now request the status of your credentials and their status in terms of maintenance exams. Ensure you don’t lose those hard earned certifications by staying on top of them!

Lots Of New Badges

Salesforce have conveniently used the power of their Trailmix feature to show us all of the new badges that have been released this month. These new batch of badges have made a particular focus on the industry specific solution, Financial Service Cloud. Also expect to see the new Super Badge which contributes to the PDII certification, “Advanced Apex Specialist”

2 thoughts on “Exciting Updates to Trailhead – December 2017

  1. This is good stuff but I am also very concerned at the amount of Certifications,Badges Superbadges etc that Salesforce are coming out with .

    I’m ADM201 Certified myself but I really think Salesforce need to “Cool their Jets” with all of this.

    I think adding more and more and more just dilutes the whole thing.

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