Complete Guide to Salesforce Summer ’15

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Salesforce have nicely reminded us this past week that Summer and therefore the Summer ’15 Release, are right around the corner. For those that a new to the community, Salesforce has 3 releases each year that bring with them a whole host of new features and upgrades. There is always a nice buzz around the industry at these times, as people start talking about what kind of solutions they will be able to implement and upgrades they can bring to their associated Org. There is always a lot of information that comes out around these releases including features, dates you need to take note of, preview videos and pages and pages of release notes. To make it easier for everyone to get hold of all these various documents and links, here is my complete guide to the Salesforce Summer ’15 release.

NB – This post will be updated as more information is released.

Key DatesSalesforce Summer '15

The helpful guys and gals at Salesforce have again released their 8 Key Dates for the Summer ’15 Release. Everyone should be checking these dates out and marking them clearly in their calendar to ensure nothing is missed. Here they are summarised.

April 23rd – Release notes available and release website updated. (Already released here)

April 24th – Which “Ideas” made it into the release. (Already released here)

May 8th & 9th -Sandboxes are upgraded. (Preview instructions here)

May 22nd – NA1 Instance is upgraded (Salesforce’ own instance)

June 5th – Second Release weekend (NA6, NA7, NA8, NA9, NA17, NA18, NA22)

June 12 & 13th – Final Release weekend (See when you will be upgraded here)

Mid June – Release training available

Release Notes & Features

Screen Shot 2015-04-27 at 09.25.37

Summer ’15 is going to promise us 225+ new features to look forward to, in the past this has been both a blessing and a curse (Due to the amount of documentation to look through!). But Salesforce being customer centric have taken on feedback and now we have various documentation and videos which make it a lot easier to find the features that will affect you the most.

Officlal release notes – Salesforce have provided a filter option with their release notes. This means you can filter down to the exact features that you are interested in.

Offical release notes PDF – If you would rather take it old school. You can find the full 269 page release doc here.

Developers release site – You can find the hub for all things Developery here.

Features Overview – A great looking PDF which includes a sample of some of the best features across each product range, Analytics, Sales, Service, Salesforce1, Marketing & Community.

Admin Quick Wins – Great idea from Salesforce. This handy PDF shows admins 7 features that are quick and easy to turn on from the latest read. A must read.

Preview Videos

We’ve been treated to a bunch of overview videos for each Salesforce product, have a look at the overview video above to get a glimpse of things to come. Links for the longer videos for each product are below.

Sales Cloud Summer ’15 New Features

Marketing Cloud Summer ’15 New Features

Analytics Cloud Summer ’15 New Features

Community Cloud Summer ’15 New Features

Service Cloud Summer ’15 New Features

Salesforce1 Platform Summer ’15 New Features





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