10 of My Favourite Salesforce Spring ’21 Features

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We’re nearing the end of one of the strangest years of all time, but there is hope around the corner in the form of 2021. Until then, we have the Salesforce Spring ’21 release to distract us. It’s that time of the year where Admins, Developers & Consultants get a bunch of new features and functionality to play around with, as well as users getting new productivity features and improved UI.

Having just announced the release datesandbox preview, and pre-release org information for Salesforce Spring ’21, the release notes are also now available! So in true Salesforce Ben fashion, let’s dive into our top 10 features of this release…

1. Flow Updates

Flow is truly becoming the rising star of the Salesforce platform, with huge updates being made with each release, and Spring ’21 is no different.

Tim Combridge has already given us a sneak preview in his Spring ’21 Treasure Hunt post, but here are a few standout updates…

  • Lightning Flow has now been renamed to Salesforce Flow. This incorporates a set of features that includes Process Builder & Flow.
  • Flow now has the ability for time-based flow actions to be set
  • Screen elements now allow for Multi-Column support
  • Prior Values are now accessible in Record-Triggered Flows

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2. Lightning Page Performance

Since Winter ’21, Salesforce has provided us with an overdue feature. The ability to analyze Lightning page performance. The previous update provided some high level information about page loads time, but in Spring ’21 the Page Analysis feature will show us predicted load time, as well as performance breakdown by component.

In addition, you will also be able to analyze page performance on mobile.

3. Einstein Opportunity

Salesforce Einstein & AI is fast becoming an imperative, not a nice to have. This was highlighted a few weeks ago when Salesforce announced that Einstein now delivered 80+ Billion predictions a day!

This is further being democratized by Salesforce offering a number of features for free, including Salesforce Opportunity scoring. However, previously this has required 200 Opportunities to be closed in order to have the necessary data available to make predictions.

With Spring ’21, Salesforce has developed global scoring models. This means for smaller, or new Salesforce customers, they can get up and running with Opportunity scoring a lot quicker.

4. Manual Sharing

Admins will be able to rejoice everywhere, the “Sharing” button is now available in Salesforce Lightning! Your users will now be able to share a record to a user, or group of users, just like back in the day with Salesforce Classic.

5. Create Relationships to Opportunity Product Object

It’s been 12 years since an idea was created on the IdeaExchange for this functionality, but finally, you will be able to create relationships to the Opportunity Product object.

6. Salesforce Meetings

With the vast majority of the world’s meetings taking place virtually at the moment, there is no better time than to take a look at Salesforce Meetings. Announced at the virtual TrailheaDX back in September, Meetings is set to supercharge the way sales reps prepare and conduct their engagements with customers. There are a couple of main features that have been highlighted in Spring ’21

  • The Meeting Digest screen gives you a summary of any meeting you are attending. Including attendees, any opportunities you are discussing, tasks, activities, and meeting insights, powered by Einstein.
  • In addition, you have Meeting Studio. This provides a platform to help keep customers and prospects engaged virtually. Allowing smooth transitions between sharing content, as well as a place to take notes, document next steps, and collaborate with their team.

7. Monitor Login Metrics

Back in 2018, Salesforce released the Lightning Usage App, that provides insightful adoption metrics about your Salesforce Org. Salesforce has extended the functionality of this Dashboard to now provide login metrics.

This provides out of the box insights, diving into how users are logging into your Org. E.g. Password free using SSO, using 2-factor or any other multi-factor authentication. If you are tightening up how users login to your Org, then this is a great way to report on your success.

8. Quip Rebranded to Salesforce Anywhere

Collaboration has been at the forefront of Salesforce’s mission for a number of years. We have seen two huge moves this year in the form of Salesforce Anywhere, a new suite for collaboration directly on Salesforce records, as well as Salesforce’s biggest acquisition ever, snapping up Slack for $27.7B.

Within the release notes for Spring ’21, Salesforce Anywhere has expanded to include all the features from Quip. Is this the start of a new offering that includes Salesforce Anywhere, Quip & Slack?!

9. Article Answers

One amazing statistic from Salesforce last month, was the fact that Einstein Bots are now being used more than ever. With a 300% increase in bot sessions since February, which is 680% increase year over year, we are truly living in the future.

One feature that is currently in pilot is the ability for Knowledge articles to be automatically suggest to customers based on their interaction with the bot. Just one feature that is building up Einstein Bots to be a necessary channel in your Service organisation.

10. In-App Learning

If you’ve signed up for a Pre-release Org, you might have noticed a new icon at the top right of your screen, this is the “Guidance Centre” that provides an In-App Learning experience.

The idea behind it is to enhance your internal training programs, by making learning easily assessable to users within Salesforce. The Guidance Centre provides recommended Trailhead modules based on your role, or the page you are currently visiting.

In addition, Admins can create Learning Paths using public Trailhead modules, or myTrailhead modules if you use this product.

Bonus – Release Notes Home

You may have noticed that Release Notes now has a new home, over at help.salesforce.com.

Spring ’21 is the first release to be shown here, and includes an improved user experience, updated UI, as well as search and filters. You will also find all of the previous releases on here as well.


I hope you enjoyed this summary of our favourite Salesforce Spring ’21 features. Did we miss any out? What are you most looking forward to?

Let us know in the comments below…

8 thoughts on “10 of My Favourite Salesforce Spring ’21 Features

  1. Hey Ben! Great work, as always.

    Curious to hear how you imagine #5 being put to good use (i.e. most common use cases for relating the Opportunity Product object to others)?

    1. This is a common need, the last I heard was the need to track for competitor data at the product level while still grouping products per opportunity

  2. Hi Ben, I’m not seeing the Manual Sharing button in the release notes or on my pre-release org, even when my object is set to private sharing. Can you clarify how you got this enabled, is it limited to certain objects (I tried Account and a Custom Object)?

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