6 Incredible Facts About the Salesforce Trailblazer Community

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The Trailblazer Community is the lifeblood of Salesforce. I make this bold claim, primarily, because the community motivates and supports Salesforce Admins, developers, users, and consultants alike – not to mention the Trailblazer movement is a huge differentiator for Salesforce against the sea of competitors in the Enterprise Software industry.

Aside from the online portal, the Trailblazer Community Groups (formerly user groups) are an essential aspect of the community, enabling face-to-face interaction and quality discussion with like-minded individuals.

One highlight of my Dreamforce experience was the Trailblazer Community Group Leader Breakfast, which was a celebration of community group growth – particularly, in 2019, as we will see, has been a monumental year. There are exciting shifts happening with the online platforms that enable the community to exist, which I’m sure we will hear more about in 2020 – but for now, here are some incredible statistics from the amazing team that crunched the numbers.

1. Rate of New Groups

Fact no. 1: 1357 groups in the ecosystem, 45 new groups/month in 2019

There are now 1357 groups in the ecosystem, which grew from 800 at the start of this year. Clearly, that’s a lot of new groups added, but even more remarkable if we think of it as 45 new groups each month!

Not only are these groups in new regions, or specialised groups breaking out in popular regions, there are also new types of community groups springing up…

2. Explosion of Student Groups

Fact no. 2: The number of student groups launching is similar to Admin/Developer groups.

When looking at the charts for new Trailblazer Groups by category, one category has risen to a top position this year: Student Groups.

Student Groups are groups that bring awareness of Salesforce technology and career opportunities to students in school. It’s a great way to pass on key modern workplace life skills, and boost aspirations.

As you can see in the chart below, an equal number of Student Groups  launched this year were comparable to Admin/Developer Groups, which marks a huge spike in this initiative:

ps. apologies about the quality! It’s only for reference.


3. New Leaders Stepping Up

Fact no. 3: 2,100+ Community Group leaders, which doubled in 2019 alone.

The breakfast event hummed with positive energy – the pride leaders have is clear. I became a Trailblazer Community Group leader in August this year, and has been such a rewarding experience – and so, it’s no surprise that more Trailblazers are stepping up to support their groups to thrive.

The number of leaders in 2019 more than doubled, from 1000 leaders to now 2100+!

How many is that per month? A staggering 94 new leaders each month.

4. Meet-up Mania

Fact no. 4: 11 meetings/day on average in 2019, with a sizeable average of 33 attendees/meeting.

Meet-ups happen at any time, on any day of the week, including the weekends (does the Salesforce Saturday movement ring any bells?).

400 meetings took place in 2019, which is 11 meetings/day on average!

The meetings are sizeable, too – there’s an average of 33 attendees per meet-up.

From a whole year point of view: there were 135k attendees in total, 57k of which were unique – what does that tell us? That many people are returning regulars!

5. Fantastic Feedback

Fact no. 5: average feedback score is 4.7/5.

Surveys are emailed out to all attendees after a meeting. The average score in 2019 was 4.7, with an overwhelming (near perfect) percentage of attendees saying they would definitely attend again.

Trailblazer Groups Go Global

Fact no. 6: Groups in 87 countries, 13 new in 2019.

The Trailblazer Community has grown into a global movement – there are groups in 87 countries.

13 new countries joined in 2019, including Bolivia, Fiji, Croatia, Estonia, Turkey, Slovenia, Slovakia, and others!


I wrote this post to spread the celebration, for us all to be proud of the remarkable growth our strong community is experiencing. Thanks to the work the Salesforce team have put in, we are able to pull these statistics from the data being collected from the platform.

There are other exciting developments in the pipeline too, including Trailblazer Community 2.0, which will be both personalised and intelligent, and Trailblazer.me profile, your resume for the Salesforce world (launch dates TBC). Bring on 2020!

Hope you have enjoyed this post, and are convinced to attend a meet-up soon, or in the new year. Part of the breakfast was dedicated to roundtable discussions with different topics, where leaders from around the globe can together to brainstorm and share their varied experience. So, expect your group leaders to come back with plenty of new ideas – I know I am bringing plenty back to London that I’m excited to put into action!

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