Salesforce Events 2022

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The news that we’ve been waiting for – dates for Salesforce’s main events have been announced, including their flagship conference, Dreamforce, and World Tour chapters in multiple regions around the globe.

Last week’s SFB Weekly celebrated Salesforce events returning, in-person – coincidentally, the dates are now available. We’ve been on the “edge of our seats” in excited anticipation for months!

Virtual events during the pandemic proved that Salesforce, its partner ecosystem, and community could all adapt and innovate at the same time. Having said that, we’ve missed the energy and spontaneity of in-person interactions. There really is no substitute, especially when it comes to Salesforce events.

The main Salesforce events season will run from March to June, with Dreamforce happening in September. Here’s which Salesforce-hosted and community-organized events are happening, and when:

Salesforce Events in 2022

March 2022

  • World Tour Special: March 8, 2022. A virtual, World Tour kick-off to mark Salesforce’s 23rd birthday. Get a first look at Salesforce’s vision for 2022, hear from top executives, and more. Save the date.
  • World Tour Paris: March 30, 2022. Save the date.
  • DevOps Dreamin’: March 31 & April 1, 2022. The first-ever DevOps Dreamin’ is happening in Chicago.

April 2022

  • World Tour Sydney: April 7, 2022. Tune into the event. Save the date.
  • World Tour DC: April 12, 2022, in Washington D.C. Save the date.
  • TrailblazerDX: April 27-28, 2022 in San Francisco. TrailheaDX renamed, expect this conference – aimed at Salesforce Admins and Developers – to be greater than ever before. Save the date.
  • Texas Dreamin’: April 28-29, 2022, in Austin, Texas.
  • Northeast Dreamin’: April 28-29, 2022, in Providence, Rhode Island.

May 2022

June 2022

  • Connections: June 8-9, 2022. Salesforce’s digital marketing and commerce event of the year – the go-to conference for Salesforce marketers. Takes place in a US city each year, 2022 TBC. Details coming soon.
  • London’s Calling: June 10, 2022. A favorite for all community members in the UK and beyond, back as an in-person event on June 10th.
  • World Tour London: June 16, 2022. Save the date.
  • Southeast Dreamin’: June 20-21, 2022. Hosted in Atlanta, Georgia.
  • World Tour NYC: June 23, 2022.
  • Dreamin’ in Color: June 30-July 1, 2022 a new Dreamin’ conference taking place in Raleigh, NC.

July 2022

  • Midwest Dreamin’: July 20-22, 2022. One of the longest-standing Salesforce community events (possibly the OG?!) is taking place in Minneapolis, Minnesota.
  • WITness Success: July 22-23, 2022. A community event designed to empower, support, and invest in Salesforce Woman in Tech. Hosted in Minneapolis, MS.

August 2022

  • Tahoe Dreamin’: August 4-5, 2022. “Follow your trail to Tahoe!” Hosted in Lake Tahoe, CA.
  • PakDreamin’: August 20th 2022. Community Powered Conference about Salesforce in Pakistan, gathering Salesforce professionals from all over World!
  • Mile High Dreamin’: August 31st 2022. Denver is the Mile High City, at 5280 feet! The Denver Community Group hosts an annual conference each summer with great food and networking opportunities.

September 2022

  • Dreamforce 2022: September 20-22, 2022. Registrations are now open – click here to register. Check out our “Ultimate Guide to Dreamforce 2022” for further info about what you can expect from Salesforce’s flagship event!

October 2022

  • North Africa Dreamin’: October 20, 2022. Dreamin, a Salesforce conference led by the community for the community! Join us in Casablanca to boost your knowledge with international experts and meet the main Salesforce players in Morocco, Africa and Europe.
  • Florida Dreamin’: October 27-28, 2022. A community event taking place in Orlando, FL.

November 2022

  • Kosovo Dreamin’: November 5, 2022. Dreamin’ Kosovo is an Salesforce conference, organized in cooperation with LDA Balkan. The conference will be held in Prishtina.
  • WIT Dreamin’: November 12, 2022. Women In Tech Dreamin is India’s first community-driven Salesforce conference led by Women. This is an event that is for every Trailblazer. We have planned in a way where we have something for everyone.

December 2022

  • French Touch Dreamin’ 2022: December 1, 2022. French Touch Dreamin is a European Salesforce event independently organised by the community. It takes place in Paris.
  • Dreamforce NYC: December 9, 2022. Watch the 10-episode event from the comfort of your own home (you don’t have to be in New York!) on Salesforce+.

Types of Salesforce Events

Starting with the largest Salesforce events, there are:

  • Dreamforce: Salesforce’s main conference takes place in San Francisco annually. Attracting 170,000+ attendees (in non-COVID times), and taking place over multiple days, it qualifies as one of the largest tech conferences globally. Salesforce pretty much shuts down the city of San Francisco for a week whilst attendees flood the city to learn and network.
  • World Tour: As the name suggests, World Tour chapters happen in major cities across the world including New York, London, Paris, Sydney. These are one-day events with 10,000k+ attendees that take inspiration from Dreamforce.
  • Specialized events: Salesforce hosts specific, but still large-scale events for certain specialists. Take TrailblazerDX (formerly TrailheaDX), which is aimed at Salesforce Admins and Developers. Or Connections, the go-to conference for Salesforce marketers (digital marketing and commerce).
  • Basecamps: Similar to World Tours, but on a smaller scale and hosted in smaller cities across the world.
  • Community Events: A decade ago you may have found only two or three of these community organized events – now, you will find them all across the globe. Organizers dedicate their own time and energy to making these events a reality, fueled by their passion for knowledge sharing.
  • Salesforce User Groups: There are thousands of user groups across the globe. These groups typically meet up once a month for presentations from other group members and discussions on trends and pain points. You will find that larger cities will have one group for every specialization.

New to Salesforce Events?

Many of our readers will be attending Salesforce events this year for the first time. Here at, we collate advice from community members – the most die-hard Dreamforce fans – to help you make the most of these incredible opportunities, with confidence. We love Dreamforce and World Tour season, and so will you.

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