20 Salesforce Influencers You Should Be Following

By Christine Marshall

As well as being the number one CRM platform in the world, Salesforce has cultivated a booming community of inspiring and insightful influencers.

If you want to stay up to date with what’s happening in the ecosystem, the hottest new features, and unmissable events, you need to follow these incredible evangelists…

1. Emma Keeling

Founder at Hazledene Solutions

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Newly minted Salesforce MVP Emma Keeling is an expert when it comes to supporting nonprofits. She is passionate about Salesforce and how it can be adopted in nonprofit and small and medium enterprises to help them make a great impact in their sector.

Emma is a Nonprofit Community Group Leader and a member of’s Open Source Commons program.

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2. Tom Bassett

Solutions Architect at Vera Solutions

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Salesforce Answers leader, Salesforce Ben expert author, and host of the #BeMore podcast, Tom describes himself as an #AllStarArchitect. Tom is also co-leader of the London Architect Trailblazer Community Group and a familiar speaker at Salesforce events around the world.

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3. Jodi Hrbek

Salesforce Consultant at Invitation Homes

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Jodi has over two decades of experience in the Salesforce space, including working directly for Salesforce before launching an independent Salesforce consultancy. She has hired and managed dozens of Salesforce Admins, as well as coaching many more.

Her actionable techniques and practical advice for creating value as a Salesforce Admin can be found in her book, Rock your Role as a Salesforce Admin: Create Value, Calm the Chaos, and Supercharge your Salesforce Career.

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4. Matt Pieper

Director of Engineering, Enterprise Applications at LeafLink

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Matt is a 9x Certified Salesforce Architect who posts frequently on LinkedIn about Salesforce, DevOps, and MuleSoft. Check out his thoughts on how to flow like a developer here.

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5. Melissa Shepard

Salesforce CTA and Founder at ScaleUp Archs

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Melissa is a 36x Certified Salesforce Certified Technical Architect and MVP! She is pivotal in the architect community, founding Architect Ohana Slack and ScaleUp Archs, a nonprofit organization dedicated to helping underrepresented groups become Salesforce Architects.

In addition, she is a MuleSoft Ambassador, Well-Architected Ambassador, Marketing Champion, and a Salesforce Mentor.

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6. Rob Cowell

DevOps Advocate at Gearset

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Rob is a long-time Salesforce Developer and currently a Salesforce DevOps Advocate, helping promote best practices and elevate the state of DevOps for the Salesforce platform.

Rob has even co-authored a book, Salesforce DevOps for Architects.

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7. Pei Mun Lim

Founder at Zenhao

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Looking for someone who knows what’s what when it comes to project management and business analysis? Look no further. Pei is known for her expert knowledge – she’s even written a book!

She runs, a leadership academy for consulting and project delivery excellence, and is a frequent speaker at Salesforce events.

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8. Aaron Crear

Salesforce Architect & Founder at Hat-Trick Consulting

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Aaron is a 10x Certified Salesforce Architect. He leads the Lowell, MA Community Groups and is co-organizer of Northeast Dreamin’.

You can catch Aaron speaking at Salesforce conferences around the world. His areas of expertise include reports and dashboards, as well as advanced admin concepts and analytics.

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9. Evan Ponter

Founder & Principal Consultant at Ponter Solutions

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Evan, a 10x Certified Application Architect, is known as the ‘go-to’ thought leader in creating reports and dashboards. He is a frequent speaker at Salesforce events and is known for his session on Advanced Reporting Techniques.

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10. Lilith Van Biesen

Salesforce Certified Technical Architect at Capgemini


Lilith is a Salesforce Certified Technical Architect and Salesforce MVP. She holds an amazing 32 certifications!

She is passionate about sharing her knowledge as a CTA and can be found speaking at Salesforce events around the world.

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11. Cheryl D. Feldman

Senior Director of Product Management at Salesforce

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If you want to know about the changes coming to user management, then make sure you are following Cheryl! She and her team are tirelessly working to improve the user management experience and navigate permissions away from profiles.

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12. Adam Olshansky

Salesforce Technical Architect at Google

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If you haven’t met Adam yet, you are missing out – he is one of the nicest people in the Salesforce ecosystem!

Adam is extremely passionate about giving back to the community. He’s a 17x Certified Salesforce Hall of Fame MVP, a frequent speaker at events and user groups, plus a successful Pluralsight author.

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13. Tim Combridge

Founder at Sensible Giraffe

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Tim is 12x Salesforce certified and an expert author at Salesforce Ben. He has established himself as an exceptional teacher and leader when it comes to Salesforce Flow, including his course, the Ultimate Salesforce Flow Foundation Course.

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14. Ashish Agarwal

Salesforce Architect at Independent

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Ashish is an independent Salesforce Architect, trainer and blogger with 34 Salesforce certifications and 1200+ Trailhead badges! His blog provides quick tips and step-by-step tutorials on all things Salesforce.

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15. Gaurav Kheterpal

Founder & Chief Executive Officer at Vanshiv Technologies

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Another incredible Salesforce Hall of Fame MVP, Gaurav, has an astonishing 45 Salesforce certifications!

Gaurav is a 12x Dreamforce speaker and has delivered over 30 sessions and workshops since 2012. He also runs the Jaipur Architect Group, and has two courses on Pluralsight: Demystifying Salesforce eCommerce and How to Mobilize Your Salesforce App.

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16. Steve Molis

Salesforce Administrator

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Steve Molis, aka “Steve Mo”, is the ultimate Answers Leader and a longtime Salesforce Hall of Fame MVP.

He has racked up an impressive 116,308 answers (that’s 16,249 answers in the past two years since I first created this list) and currently ranks #7 in the Answers Leaderboard.

I don’t know anyone that doesn’t owe him a beer! It’s not just the sheer volume of answers; it’s the amount of time and effort he puts into it. He will walk you through your problem step-by-step, with images and screenshots, to make sure the issue gets resolved.

Fun fact: I did a search on the Trailblazer Community to check his number of answers/best answers, and someone has created the hashtag #Steve Molis is a God. It wasn’t me (promise), but I do agree. Steve was one of the first people I came across at the very start of my own journey with Salesforce, and he has helped me countless times over the years on the Answers forum.

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17. Luke Freeland

Managing Director & Founder at Metillium Inc.

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Luke is a 15x Certified Salesforce Architect and full-stack Developer who provides Salesforce technical consulting services out of his company, Metillium Inc.

He has created six courses, including Introduction to Salesforce Apex and the brand-new Salesforce Developer’s Guide to Debugging.

Check out his free Apex and SOQL quizzes here.

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18. Melissa Hill Dees

Digital Transformation Strategist at Agile Cloud Consulting

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If you work in the nonprofit sector, then you’ll almost certainly have heard of Melissa, a 11x Certified Salesforce MVP.

Her goal is to automate what can be automated so that nonprofits have more time to do what can’t be automated.

She is a Founding Partner at HandsOn Connect, Founder and CEO of AskAIAi, as well as a Nonprofit Community Group Leader, and a Dreamforce speaker! She also serves on the Board of Amplify and FoodBank USA, and is the co-founder of Nonprofit Dreamin and #foodforce.

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19. Andy Engin Utkan

Founder at BRDPro Consulting

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When I asked the community on Twitter (X) which influencers to follow, Andy was described as a “Flow-Fluencer” (it’s catchy, and we’re sticking with it).

Andy, a Salesforce MVP, has 21 Salesforce/Slack certifications and his own YouTube channel, Salesforce Break, which can help you learn Flow.

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20. Don Robins

Principle Consultant and Senior Technical Instructor at

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Don is a Salesforce Hall of Fame MVP and author of 57 courses on Pluralsight. He often brings on guest speakers and it’s a real ‘who’s who’ of Salesforce talent.

His courses cover topics such as Taming the Salesforce Order of Execution and Demystifying Salesforce CPQ.

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That’s it from me. It was hard to stop at 20 influencers because there is just so much amazing talent in the ecosystem!

Let me know in the comments who you consider to be the top Salesforce influencers to follow…

The Author

Christine Marshall

Christine is the Courses Director at Salesforce Ben. She is an 11x certified Salesforce MVP and leads the Bristol Admin User Group.


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    There is one more name I would love to add here Debasis Jena -
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    Melissa Hill Dees is a great add as a nonprofit resource. I would also add Sarah Epting ( ) as a resource for learning about how nonprofits work and NPSP. She has so many amazing video resources!

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