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20 Most Popular Salesforce Admin & Developer Blogs 2023

By Christine Marshall

A key trait of any Salesforce professional is the drive and mentality to always be learning. Luckily, a huge number of people love to give back to the community through presentations, videos, and of course, blogs.

How do we select the blogs on this list? We could simply use website ranking tools as many other people do. However, I do not believe this gives an accurate representation of the wonderful content out there, especially those newer blogs that may not be well recognized yet. So, in addition to website ranking tools, here’s what else I look at…

My greatest influence when building this list is the opinion of the Salesforce community, who frequently enlighten me about new and upcoming blogs. I love to shine a light on these and share them with you!

In addition, I also look for blogs that have been consistently posting content for the last 12-18 months to ensure the sites recommended are up to date and cover relevant news and features – the one exception to this rule is if the content is excellent and evergreen. Lastly, I look for blogs that are easy to navigate and have an enjoyable reading experience. So, without further ado, let’s jump in…

Top 10 Salesforce Admin Blogs

1. Automation Champion

As its name suggests, Automation Champion is the king when it comes to admin automation. Rakesh Gupta is a long-time Salesforce MVP and Salesforce Evangelist; he has been helping people through his blog in the form of training courses, books, and a lot of tutorial-based content.

If you want to learn about Salesforce automation, this blog is for you.

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2. Salesforce Time

A new entry for 2023, Salesforce Time is a destination for all things Salesforce Flow and Salesforce news. Salesforce Time is dedicated to helping you improve your skills and stay up to date. Whether you’re a seasoned Salesforce professional or just starting out, you can find valuable insights, tips, and tricks to help you succeed.

Salesforce Time was created by Yumi Ibrahimzade, a 27x certified Senior Salesforce Solution Architect. Yumi was also a FlowFest champion in 2022.

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3. Salesforce FAQs

Our next new entry for 2023, Salesforce FAQs is my kind of blog! Salesforce FAQs specializes in tutorials for beginners and has a whole section of errors and how to fix them (I’m obsessed with this section – I saw so many errors that used to trip me up as an admin).

Salesforce FAQs was created by Bijay Kumar, a Salesforce Developer working with Salesforce since 2015.

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4. Ashish Agarwal

Ashish Agarwal is a rockstar Salesforce professional with a whopping 30 certifications! His blog features regular high-quality content on a variety of topics, with a big focus on tutorials. He breaks his content down into one-minute tips and step-by-step guides, as well as tools and resources.

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5. Purposeful Architect

Salesforce Business Analysts are a hot topic right now, especially with the recent release of the BA certification and an emphasis on resources to improve these critical skills.

In good news, Purposeful Architect focuses on Salesforce architecture and business analysis skills, providing a fantastic opportunity for admins to skill up in these critical areas. Purposeful Architect was started by Richard Cunningham in 2020 to create conversations about the discovery and design stages of Salesforce solution development.

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A new admin entry for 2023 is created by Yelena Slobard. Yelena is a Solution Architect and CPQ Specialist with over seven years of experience working in B2B Salesforce environments. is bursting with admin tips and tricks, with an emphasis on learning CPQ.

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7. Unofficial SF

Unofficial SF is much more than a blog; it’s a collaboration of bloggers, MVPs, and the occasional Salesforce employee, providing guides, demos, installable actions, and components for Salesforce.

Head over to Unofficial SF if you want to learn more about automation, or if you’re looking for innovative ways to extend native Salesforce functionality.

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8. Mightyforce

Mightyforce is dedicated to the small but mighty, whether you are a lone wolf admin at small non-profits, or an admin at a larger org who needs a high return on investment.

Created by Salesforce MVP Terry Cole, Mightyforce shares best practices learned through operating a highly connected but small nonprofit using Salesforce and NPSP.

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9. Focus on Force

As well as certification resources, Focus on Force offers a blog full of tips and tricks to pass your exams, plus inspiring stories from real-life Trailblazers.

Created by Marting Gessner in 2014, Focus on Force is now part of K2 University.

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10. Naturally IQ

Paul Ginsberg is an 8x certified Salesforce Consultant, Director at Naturally IQ, and a frequent blogger.

On the Naturally IQ blog, Paul explores the humanistic elements of being a consultant, neurodiversity, the nonprofit sector, and more. He is unafraid to share his opinion so you’re in store for a thought-provoking and enjoyable read.

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Top 10 Salesforce Developer Blogs

1. Salesforce Codex

Salesforce Codex started in 2016 as a personal blog and is now focused on helping Salesforce Developers, programmers and other IT professionals improve their careers.

Run by Dhanik Lal Sahni, a Certified Application Architect based out of India, the blog covers mostly development and architecture topics, while also covering some admin topics and Salesforce news.

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2. Jitendra Zaa

Since first working with the Salesforce platform in 2008, Jitendra has been running his blog for many years which has earned him the Salesforce MVP accolade. You can expect a varied mix of content from written guides, to presentations and videos. All of them are high quality, covering all aspects of developing the Salesforce platform.

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3. Salesforce Diaries

Salesforce Diaries is a super slick Salesforce Developer blog, mainly focused on Lightning development tutorials. The founder, Sanket Kumar, is a 6x certified Salesforce Technical Consultant who writes easy-to-follow blog posts.

Recommended Read: Pass Error Exception Message from Flow to LWC

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4. The Joys of Apex

A new entry for 2023, The Joys of Apex was created by James Simone, a Principal Software Engineer at Salesforce, in 2019. The Joys of Apex is dedicated to becoming your “Apex test kitchen” – a site filled with code recipes on the subjects that can be applied to any Salesforce org.

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5. SFDC Lessons

SFDC Lessons is run by Senior Salesforce Engineer, Arun Kumar. Arun specializes in Apex development, Lightning Web Component development, integration, and complex data manipulation using Salesforce. He shares simple and easy tutorials with plenty of step-by-step instructions and images.

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6. Force Panda

Force Panda is a fantastic blog from self-professed Dev-Admin hybrid, Narender Singh. Narender is a Salesforce MVP who writes passionately about coding, as well as more declarative features, such as Flow.

Recommended Read: Lock and Unlock Records in Salesforce Using Flows

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7. Technical Potpourri

Technical Potpourri was created by 20x certified Application Architect Sudipta Deb in 2015. The blog contains technical content for developers, as well as release features and certification guides. Many of his blogs contain both written and video content.

Recommended Read: Rollback Records in Salesforce Flow

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8. Salesforce Bolt

Another new entry for 2023 is Salesforce Bolt, created by Kapil Batra, a Lead Salesforce Engineer and Salesforce MVP. Starting in March 2020, Salesforce Bolt covers an array of topics with plenty of blogs on Lightning Web Components.

As well as written blogs, Kapil also produces videos for his YouTube channel.

Recommended Read: Introduction to LWC | Learn Lightning Web Component Development

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Luke Freeland is a 15x certified Salesforce Architect and full-stack Developer who provides Salesforce technical consulting services out of his company, Metillium, Inc. He has been developing and creating custom Salesforce applications since 2011.

Luke is also the co-founder of Slackforce and leader of the Rochester, NY Salesforce Developer Group. He blogs on about Salesforce releases, Apex, SOQL, flows, and more.

Recommended Read: Flows Are Programming!

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10. Bob Buzzard

Now this wouldn’t really be a Developer blog top 10 post without Keir Bowden’s Bob Buzzard. Kier has been running his blog for over 12 years and has a huge archive of posts covering every aspect of Salesforce development. Keir is the CTO of Platinum Partner BrightGen, and is also a Salesforce MVP.

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