20 Most Popular Salesforce Admin & Developer Blogs 2022

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A key trait of any Salesforce professional is the drive and mentality to always be learning. Luckily, there are a huge number of people that love to give something back to the community, through presentations, videos, and of course, blogs.

Here is our roundup of the most popular Salesforce blogs for Admins & Developers out there. We’ve ensured that all blogs listed are kept up to date, easy to navigate, and determined the popularity using various website ranking tools and feedback from the community. Enjoy!

Top 10 Salesforce Developer Blogs

1. Salesforce Codex

Salesforce Codex has been running for 5 years and gaining huge popularity, especially over the past 12 months. Run by Dhanik Lal Sahni, a Certified Application Architect based out of India, the blog covers mostly development and architecture topics, while also covering some admin topics, and generic Salesforce news.


2. SFDC99

David Liu is another Salesforce legend that is truly reflected in his website, SFDC99.com. David taught himself to code after getting the urge to pursue a career in development, he is now a Salesforce MVP and Technical Architect at Google. This has given David a really fresh perspective on learning how to code, which he now imparts through advice and tutorials on his website.


3. Jitendra Zaa

Jitendra’s blog truly sets the standard for all other Salesforce blogs out there. Since first working with the platform in 2008, Jitendra has been running the blog for many years which has earned him the Salesforce MVP accolade. He took a slight hiatus in 2021 to prepare for the CTA exam but his blog is still one of most popular Salesforce Developer blogs out there. You can expect high-quality posts on all aspects of developing the Salesforce platform.


4. SFDC Panther

SFDC Panther is a blog full of development knowledge. Amit Singh is an 14x certified Salesforce professional, and covers development topics such as Lightning, Mulesoft, as well as integrating with tools like Amazon. I would highly recommend having a browse through the variety of posts, there is something for everyone!


5. The Blog Readers

18 x certified, Salesforce MVP Sakthivel Madesh, has been running TheBlogReaders.com for many years and has built up a huge library of Salesforce development posts. With the recent switch in Salesforce development techniques, Sakthivel is focussing on Lightning & Lightning Web Components.


6. Apex Hours

Apex Hours is a one-stop platform to learn Salesforce skills. It was created by Salesforce MVP and Application Architect, Amit Chaudhary. You can expect to find content on all things Salesforce, from SOQL best practices to Apex performance tips and tricks.


7. Salesforce Diaries

Salesforce Diaries is a super clean looking Salesforce Developer blog, mostly focussing on Lightning development tutorials. The founder, Sanket Kumar, is an experienced, 5 x certified Salesforce professional, who writes easy to follow blog posts.


8. Force Panda

A new entry for 2021, Force Panda, is a fantastic blog from self-professed Dev-Admin hybrid, Narender Singh. Narender is a Salesforce MVP who writes passionately about coding, as well as more declarative features, such as Flow.


9. Andy In The Cloud

Andy is another Salesforce veteran who has a wealth of experience developing on the platform. He served as CTO for the well known ISV FinancialForce for 7 years, and now works at Salesforce as a VP of Product Management. Andy also earned his MVP status for his services towards the community. Andy’s blog has very well thought out, detailed post tutorials that go into almost every aspect of Salesforce Development.


10. Bob Buzzard

Now this wouldn’t really be a Developer blog top 10 post without Keir Bowden’s – Bob Buzzard. Kier has been running his blog for over 10 years, and has a huge archive of posts covering every aspect of Salesforce Development. Keir’s posts are mainly based around tutorials, and as he has been running this for so long, each post is very well thought out and easily followed. Keir is CTO of Platinum Partner BrightGen, and is also a Salesforce MVP.


Top 10 Salesforce Admin Blogs

1. Automation Champion

Automation Champion, as the name suggests, is the king when it comes to Admin Automation. Rakesh Gupta is a long-time Salesforce MVP and Salesforce Evangelist, he has been helping people through his blog in the form of training courses, books, and a lot of tutorial-based content. If you want to learn about Process Builder, Flow, or get to grips with the Salesforce releases, then this blog is for you.

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2. Unofficial SF

Our first new entry for 2021! Unofficial SF is much more than a blog; it’s a collaboration of bloggers, MVPs, and the occasional Salesforce employee, providing guides, demos, installable actions and components for Salesforce. Head over to Unofficial SF if you want to learn more about automation or are looking for innovative ways to extend native Salesforce functionality.

3. Ashish Agarwal

Ashish Agarwal is a rockstar Salesforce processional that holds a whopping 25 certifications. His blog has regular high-quality content on a variety of topics, with a big focus on tutorials.


4. Focus on Force

Focus on Force run by Martin Gessner, is best known for their certification mock exams and study guides. But in addition, has a high-quality blog that covers a variety of topics. The site posts on Admin topics, general news, as well as a lot of interviews with Salesforce professionals talking about their careers.

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5. Salesforce Weekly

Salesforce Weekly is a blog run by not one, but three MVP’s, Mike Gill, Chris Edwards, and a resident blogger at Salesforce Ben, Ines Garcia! This blog is a fantastic way to get an insight into the Salesforce Ohana, community events, as well as picking up some Admin tips and tricks along the way.


6. 100 Days of Trailhead

Although 100 Days of Trailhead delivers predominantly video content, we wanted to include it in our 2021 top Admin blogs. 100 Days of Trailhead began as a yearly competition in 2018 to encourage continuous learning, personal growth and career advancement, but now has a huge archive of amazing content from speakers and bloggers around the world. Co-founded by Jessica Murphy and Rachel Watson, you can find fantastic quality content on everything from career planning to building Flows.


7. Salesforce Flowsome

Another brand new entry for 2021 and one that I’m personally very excited about! Salesforce Flowsome was created in 2021 by Melody Lwo, a 6x Salesforce certified trailblazer who loves automation. Salesforce Flowsome provides easy how-to’s for Flow with contextual use cases. You can even write in and ask Melody to solve a specific use case!

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8. Purposeful Architect

Our final new entry for 2021, Purposeful Architect focuses on Salesforce architecture and business analysis skills, providing a fantastic opportunity for Admins to skill up in these critical areas. Purposeful Architect was started by Richard Cunningham in 2020 to create conversations about the discovery and design stages of Salesforce solution development.


9. Simply SFDC

Johan Yu has been running Simply SFDC since 2012, and has built up a very popular blog which focuses on a wide range of topics. As a Salesforce MVP and Architect, Johan has a lot of great information to share on a variety of Salesforce products and features.

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10. Jennifer W. Lee

Last but certainly not least, Jen Lee’s blog would consistently be in our number 1 spot for Salesforce Admin blogs, providing advanced Flow use cases, as well as release highlights. Jen Lee has recently joined Salesforce as part of their Admin Evangelist team (#DreamJob) and sadly will no longer be releasing new content on her personal blog. You’ll be able to catch her future content on the Salesforce Admin blog.


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  1. Thanks for the list. Just wondering if there are any other blogs which are not privately run, but kind of community run, so everyone can contribute like salesforceben. But thats a great job anyway! Thanks

  2. Thanks for the list. Just wondering if there are any other blogs which are not privately run, but kind of community run, so everyone can contribute like salesforceben. But thats a great job anyway! I run my own blog, mostly for entry-level guys, so would appreciate entry level resources suggestion. https://myblondie.com/blog/

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