International Women’s Day: 10 Women You Must Follow

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It’s International Women’s Day and time to celebrate working in an ecosystem that includes so many talented, inspiring, and influential women. I’m forever grateful to be surrounded on a daily basis, both in-person and virtually, by women who are leading the way when it comes to gender equality and making ‘raising up others’ part of their mission.

There are so many that are deserving of a shout-out in the Salesforce ecosystem – this list could easily run into the hundreds and beyond. I’m going to give you my top 10 women who I think you should follow, but I would encourage you to comment and share everyone who has made a difference to you as well. Let’s show them some appreciation.

Leah McGowen-Hare

SVP, Trailblazer Community – Salesforce

Leah McGowen-Hare is an accomplished thought-leader and technical trainer. She’s been bringing some serious energy to Salesforce events for years – I mean watching her talk is genuinely electric, makes the hairs on the back of your neck stand up, kind of charisma.

She has recently been promoted to SVP Trailblazer Community at Salesforce and it’s no surprise – she’s been promoted multiple times over recent years and is responsible for key achievements such as spearheading the BAM (Be a Multiplier) launch, a program that encourages Trailblazers to amplify and empower those around them to skill up for technical jobs.

If you want to follow someone who makes you think “I want to be her when I grow up”, then Leah is a must follow.

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Sarah Franklin

President & CMO – Salesforce

Sarah Franklin is the Chief Marketing Officer at Salesforce, and similar to Leah, has been rising up through Salesforce for quite some time with frequent promotions. Sarah has a passion for democratizing technology and empowering everyone to up-skill and forge a successful career in technology.

If you want to follow someone who is both successful and authentically themselves, then following Sarah is a no brainer.

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Christie Fidura

Director, Global Developer Marketing – Salesforce

Christie Fidura is Director of Global Developer Marketing at Salesforce, creating global digital marketing campaigns that raise awareness in the developer ecosystem of new features, functions, and technologies.

She is so much more heavily involved in the Salesforce ecosystem though! As her Twitter bio states, “I believe in good code, community and equality”, and this could not be more accurate… I’ve had the pleasure of meeting Christie at multiple events and her passion for Salesforce, technology, and the community is evident.

Christie frequently shares and retweets interesting Salesforce related posts, so is well worth following to stay up to date, especially with events and developer content.

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Skye Tyler

Senior Consultant – Exponent Partners

Skye is passionate about helping non-profits and is also a key voice when it comes to increasing diversity in the Salesforce ecosystem. I hosted a panel at Consultancy Dreamin’ and Skye is able to clearly and eloquently explain issues in gender equality, as well as put forward solutions. Skye mentors and participates in initiatives such as Vetforce

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Rebecca Aichholzer

Head of Business Systems Success – QIC Real Estate

I’ve been following Rebecca for quite some time now, and I’m always inspired by her commitment to advocating for equality, diversity, and inclusion. She’s a very deserving brand new Salesforce MVP in 2022!

She is a Diversity & Inclusion committee member for the Property Council of Australia and is also a powerlifter and strong woman, having represented Australia twice in international competition.

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Janet Elliott

Salesforce Sr. Solution Architect – Kicksaw

Janet is another brand new MVP for 2022 and a major contributor to the Salesforce community!

She enjoys being part of the Trailblazer Community including leading the Sacramento Women in Tech Trailblazer Group, co-founding Sacramento Salesforce Saturday, and speaking at numerous in-person and virtual meetings and conferences, including Dreamforce ’19 and ’21, and London’s Calling 2020. Additionally, she is a member of the organizing committee for Tahoe Dreamin’.

We’re thrilled that Janet has written two incredible posts for us at Salesforce Ben.

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Stacy O’Leary

Salesforce Consultant

Stacy is an independent Salesforce Consultant. I wanted to include her on this list as she is one of our most prolific guest authors here at Salesforce Ben and I love the way Stacy writes, conveying complex topics in easy-to-understand tutorials. She is a must-follow if you want fabulous Admin content, from dashboards to approval processes – I use her articles all the time!


Nadina D. Lisbon

Salesforce Architect – Tradeshift

Nadina is a Salesforce MVP, RAD coach, and user group leader. She’s inspiring women everywhere to learn to code, which is why we had to ask her to write something for! Check out her piece on how to “Create Lightning Web Components (LWC) Using Quick Actions”.

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Stacey Whitaker

Salesforce Product Owner Team Lead – Innovate

8 x certified, Salesforce MVP, Stacey, is a well known public speaker and advocate for equality. She also runs Campfire Stories, a Salesforce podcast that celebrates and shares the stories of inspiring trailblazers. 

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Melissa Hill Dees

Founding Partner – HandsOn Connect Cloud Solutions

If you work in the nonprofit sector then you’ll almost certainly have heard of Melissa, a 6 x certified Salesforce MVP. 

She co-runs Campfire Stories with Stacey, is a Founding Partner at HandsOn Connect, a Nonprofit Community Group Leader, and Dreamforce speaker. She also serves on the Board of Amplify and FoodBank USA, and is the co-founder of Nonprofit Dreamin and #foodforce.

If you want to learn more about the Nonprofit Success Pack, then check out her article here!

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How do people come up with their lists of people to follow? That’s a question I often ask myself when I see these types of lists. Is it random? Are these people really relevant to me and worth following?

When creating my list of 10 women to follow in the Salesforce ecosystem, I can only do it based on my own knowledge and sources of inspiration – that’s why I would love you to comment on this post with all the other amazing women out there who you know deserve recognition!

I’ve included women who have had a personal impact on me and those who are genuinely putting out useful content that I think you’ll enjoy. I’ve been incredibly fortunate to have met almost all of the women on this list, either in person or virtually.

I know there are so many more voices out there, so many talented and passionate women in the community that I have yet to meet. I want to hear you! I want to see you all over social media and the community! So, let me finish by saying that if you have something to say, something to write about, something to celebrate – please share it – you can be confident that there is a HUGE community of women who stand behind you and want to celebrate in your success.

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  1. You’re right, there are so many inspiring women to follow and be inspired by. I would also add the amazing Jessica Macpherson OAM and Anna Loughnan Colquhoun to the list as well.

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