TrailblazerDX is Confirmed as an In-Person Event for 2022!

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TrailblazerDX (formerly TrailheaDX) is back as an in-person AND virtual event, April 27–28, 2022! Don’t forget to save the date and register your interest to be notified when conference passes go on sale.

The in-person event will be held in San Francisco, while content will also be available to watch live and on-demand on Salesforce+.

What is TrailblazerDX?

Although billed as a ‘Developer’ event, TrailblazerDX is aimed at Salesforce Developers, Admins, Consultants, and Architects – or anyone else building on the Salesforce platform! It’s a Developer conference with the caveat that declarative is considered development – show some #LowCodeLove!

Content is focused on Salesforce from a technical point of view – getting deep into Salesforce’s feature demos, the product development roadmap, and exciting announcements.

Read our full guide to TrailblazerDX here.


We’re thrilled to see that Salesforce are continuing to make their events as accessible as possible by offering virtual content. Salesforce are also leading innovation on the path back to in-person events in the ‘new normal’ – not an easy task. Following the release of Dreampass, we anticipate Salesforce may use this to ensure TrailblazerDX is as safe as possible, with rigorous testing and vaccination credential checking.

“With Dreampass, organizations can create agile, automated communications that inform attendees about event procedures and policies. Dreampass centralizes data such as event registration, customer information, and COVID-19 health status for each attendee and then generates a secure, multifactor credential for the event.”

Source: Salesforce News

TrailblazerDX 2022

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  1. can ANYONE please verify if there is a vaccination requirement to attend. Need to know before I send some of my devs!

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