[Free Webinar] A Framework For Better Salesforce Training and Adoption

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IT systems adoption has been a challenge ever since the introduction of computer software. Even though systems are designed to make users lives easier and more efficient, change can often be hard.

But it’s not just resistance to change that is the issue. Training has to be delivered in a way where users can actually learn from the experience, to ensure that they can use the systems, and therefore, increase adoption.


Framework For Better Salesforce Training and Adoption

On August 11th at 12PM ET, I’m very pleased to be partnering with adoption masters, Whatfix, on a joint webinar to support you with your Salesforce adoption journey.

Salesforce offers customer racing teams immense capabilities to foster and manage relationships. However, these sometimes expansive features and the high level of individual Org customisations can seem daunting for users. With 90% of classroom training forgotten within a week, how can application leaders drive learning and consequently drive the adoption of Salesforce applications?


  • Challenges with traditional training
  • Why knowledge drives production adoption
  • Whatfix’s Analyze, Build, and Deliver Framework for learning and adoption
  • How to overcome the common Salesforce® adoption challenges

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