2016 Salesforce Acquisitions: Quick Fact Files

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What a year it has been for Salesforce. Termed “Benioff’s binge”, the acquisition spree was an essential strategy to maintain Salesforce’s position as a key market player in the face of fierce competition from other multinational software giants. It became clear with the announcement of Einstein that each contributed something to spearheading the first AI CRM in the market.

Overall, 2016 has seen 12 enterprises join the ever expanding Salesforce empire, totalling an estimated $5bn spend. It has certainly kept people talking, with pretty much a new acquisition every month. This post includes quick fact files about each acquisition that add detail to the 2016 Acquisitions infographic.









Date: 23/12/15

Price Tag: $360m

Cloud: Sales Cloud

What they do: Configure-Price-Quote (CPQ)

Tag line: “Quote-to-Cash That Works: Salesforce Quote-to-Cash is out of the box CPQ and billing software that simply works – anytime, anywhere, on any device. It’s easy to get started and affordable, yet powerful for your complex business needs.” [More]


Prediction IO








Date: 19/02/2016

Price Tag: $???

Cloud: Einstein

What they do: Smart Data Discovery

Tag line: An open source Machine Learning Server built on top of state-of-the-art open source stack for developers and data scientists create predictive engines for any machine learning task.” [More]




MetaMind (PRNewsFoto/MetaMind)

Date: 04/04/16

Price Tag: $32.8m

Cloud: Einstein

What they do: Intelligent Image Recognition

Tag line: “Smarter AI for developers. It helps power the world’s smartest CRM by embedding state-of-the-art deep learning technology into the Salesforce Platform.” [More]







Date: 09/05/16

Price Tag: ‘tens of millions’

Cloud: Sales Cloud/Einstein

What they do: Opportunity prediction, Data automation

Tag line:

Implisit boosts Sales Managers and Reps’ performance by automatically capturing, analyzing and acting on customer interactions. Sales professionals save countless hours of CRM updates and data entry, letting Implisit automatically capture the latest sales activity. Sales managers can trust their pipeline and get accurate forecasts.” [More]








Date: 01/06/16

Price Tag: $2.8b

Cloud: Commerce Cloud

What they do: e-commerce

Tag line: “A superior model for enterprise retail. Our unique approach to digital commerce enables the speed, agility and innovation required to master the ever-evolving world of retail…You put customers first. So do we.” [More]






Date: 21/06/16

Price Tag: $???

Cloud: Analytics Cloud

What they do: Data Centre Analytics

Tag line: “Coolan helps companies utilize hardware better. We offer a cloud-based solution that provides detailed component-level analytics, so that customers can automate operations and control costs. Managing hardware is essential to today’s scale-out landscape, and we make your infrastructure as efficient and reliable as possible.” [More]







Date: 01/08/16

Price Tag: $750m

Cloud: All Clouds

What they do: Document Collaboration, Word-processing Application

Tag line: “Behold the Living Document; watch your team and your work come alive. Quip changes the way teams work together. Real work gets done, faster, smarter.” [More]

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Date: 15/08/16

Price Tag: $110m

Cloud: Einstein

What they do: Smart Data Discovery

Tag line: “BeyondCore is on a mission to “Empower every business user with the power of analytics.” BeyondCore delivers one-click automated business analysis.” [More]

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Date: 07/09/16

Price Tag: $???

Cloud: Service Cloud

What they do: LiveMessenger, Business Messenger

Tag line: “Your customers want to text with you. Add conversational texting to Salesforce contact centers or sales teams! SMS-enable existing 800 or business numbers.” [More]

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Gravity Tank






Date: 16/09/16

Price Tag: $???

Cloud: Strategic Systems Implementation (likely for Einstein)

What they do: Innovation Consulting

Tag line: “Define what’s next. We help our clients answer two critical questions: What to do? [and] How to do it?. We help clients grow their businesses, define new products and services, enter new markets and change their organizations.” [More]

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Date: 03/10/16

Price Tag: $800m

Cloud: Marketing Cloud, Einstein.

What they do: Intelligent Marketing Hub, Data-Science-as-a-Service

Tag line: People Data, No Limits. Krux helps more than 200 leading marketers and media companies deliver more relevant, thus more valuable, consumer experiences by capturing, unifying, and activating data signatures across every device (desktop, mobile, tablet, set-top) and every channel (display, social, search, video), in real time.” [More]

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Twin Prime







Date: 14/12/16

Price Tag: $???

Cloud: App Cloud, Various.

What they do: In-App UX Optimisation

Tag line: “Fast Mobile Apps. Everywhere. …a leader in mobile performance and app acceleration, enables brands to deliver a faster, more effective mobile experience.” 

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    My big concern with this is how Salesforce hasn’t made money in 3 years. Yes they have a good product, but when for the past 3 years you have negative net profit that is very concerning. This year they may finally post an annual profit, because of a one time tax relief. After that it will be back to negative profit.

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