Breaking News: Salesforce Announces First Slack Integrations

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Not even one month has passed since Salesforce wrapped up their acquisition of Slack and already, pre-built integrations between Slack and Salesforce are being announced – innovations that will change the face of collaboration on the Salesforce platform.

Enter Slack-First Customer 360: “a single platform for connecting employees, customers, partners with the apps and workflows they need to get work done”.

This is the “digital HQ” vision, where organizations will continue to combine remote and onsite work – in fact, 90% will offer hybrid working, yet only 33% feel prepared for it. This is where Salesforce + Slack aim to step in, with Benioff teasing us back in June: “we’re going to rebuild all of our technology, once again, to become Slack-first”

Every department – sales, service, marketing – can benefit from these new integrations, in pilot commencing fall 2021. Let’s take a look at what’s in store…

Slack-First Sales (Digital Deal Rooms, Daily Briefs)

Collaborate on opportunities in real-time (sales reps using Slack see an average of 15% faster sales cycles).

  • Digital deal rooms: Sales reps can access and update Salesforce records and meeting information right from Slack. With files, conversations, and data in one place, teams can easily prepare for meetings, new reps can quickly onboard by accessing account details in Slack, and external partners and customers can join in directly to close deals fast.
  • Automated daily briefs help reps focus with a personalized daily list of tasks, meetings and priority deals they can take action on.

Pilot starting fall 2021. 

Slack-First Service (Swarming, Expert Finder)

Collaborate on cases in real-time, even bringing customers directly into the channel when necessary. Service agents get instant access to relevant Service Cloud case data, experts and channels in Slack (agents see an 11% improvement in customer satisfaction scores). 

  • Swarming creates a Slack channel for service teams to collaborate on complex and high priority cases, bringing in the right employees and external partners to solve problems faster.
  • Expert Finder automatically identifies the right experts to add to a swarm channel based on availability, capacity, and skills.

Pilot starting fall 2021. 

Slack-First Marketing (SFMC/Datorama Insights, Workflow Notifications)

Marketers can get insights on demand and collaborate on customer journeys in a shared digital workspace, even with agency partners.

  • Intelligent, AI-driven insights from Marketing Cloud and Datorama are shared directly in Slack (eg. if campaign engagement dips lower than expected). 
  • Workflow notifications can update Slack channels when changes to a marketing journey are made, so team members can review and approve changes instantly (eg. a new email headline).

Workflow notifications pilot starting fall 2021; Insights from Datorama available today.

Slack-First Analytics (Notifications, Watchlist Digests)

Access data-driven Tableau insights in Slack to make smarter decisions, fast.

  • Automated notifications in Slack: stay connected to Tableau data, alerting a user to action (eg. if sales pipeline dips lower than expected)
  • Watchlist digests: daily updates on selected metrics and trends. Subscriptions automate dashboard updates in team channels, giving business users access to data and insights in the location where they’re already working.

Expected to be generally available fall 2021. 

“Salesforce and Slack are creating the digital HQ to help every company get back to growth in today’s digital-first, work anywhere world. This is just the beginning for the Slack-First Customer 360—which will fundamentally reshape how work gets done by connecting employees, customers, and partners and the apps they use on a single platform.” Bret Taylor, President and Chief Operating Officer of Salesforce. 

How Partners Will Spread the Slack-First Vision

We all know that Salesforce’s partner ecosystem plays a big role in dissipating, and extending, Salesforce technology to its customers.  

Salesforce partners (Accenture, Deloitte, IBM, Silverline, Slalom, and Traction on Demand) are investing in Slack across their businesses and practices, and certifying consultants to deliver Slack-First digital transformations for customers. 

ISV partners such as DocuSign and Vidyard offer Salesforce-based apps that already integrate seamlessly with Slack.

Want to hear more? 

Register for the Success from Anywhere: Your Digital HQ event at 10:00 a.m. PT/1:00 p.m. ET/6:00 p.m. BST, to see the new Salesforce + Slack innovations in action.

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