Salesforce Anywhere Combines With Quip for the Ultimate Source of Truth

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Although 2020 has come with unprecedented challenges that this generation has ever seen, it has accelerated the rate at which digital tools need to cope with the age of remote working. Tools that have been around for years are now becoming essential instead of a luxury, such as video-conferencing for remote working, and eSignature for getting deals done.

While a lot of digital cloud companies and now riding the wave of the remote working generation, Salesforce are looking even further into the future and has developed multiple products this year to support businesses working in the new normal. The two stand out products being and Salesforce Anywhere. But in true Salesforce fashion, the innovation never stops…

Salesforce Anywhere Integrates with Quip

Salesforce Anywhere was brought out earlier this year to help teams better collaborate on Salesforce records whilst working remotely. The products include the ability to live chat, and video call colleagues directly from the record inside of Salesforce. In addition, Salesforce Anywhere will provide a live feed for the accounts, and records that matter to you.

With the latest announcement that Quip is being brought into Salesforce Anywhere, you will not only have visibility into real-time alerts from Salesforce, but also any information from a Quip document, spreadsheet, or process template.

Although Quip might seem like yet another cloud word processor, it’s built with a completely different end goal in mind, seamless collaboration. If you are unfamiliar with Quip, check out some of the great use cases here, and a deeper dive into Quip’s features here.

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