What Is Vlocity? Supercharging Salesforce for Industries

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When we hear the word ‘Vlocity’ the first time, it’s like a small alarm goes off in our heads. What is Vlocity? You’ve probably been wondering what Vlocity does and why Salesforce customers choose Vlocity vs. customizing Salesforce. How different is Vlocity compared to other tools on the market?

So many questions are on your mind right now! Following Salesforce’s acquisition of Vlocity earlier in 2020, you surely want to find out what Vlocity does for its target industries – Communications, Media & Entertainment, Energy & Utilities, Insurance, Health, and Government.


I became Vlocity certified because it has so much to offer with it’s many pre-built solutions. Although the organization I work for targets Telco industries, I began to explore different domains, such as healthcare, as my curiosity grew. Alright, let’s not delay any further, and get straight to the answers.

What is Vlocity?

Vlocity is built natively on the Salesforce Platform and it is a leading provider of industry-specific solutions and mobile software, delivering digital, omnichannel processes for the world’s largest companies in a selection of industries.

What does industry-specific really mean?

Industry-specific means that it addresses aspects of a specific industry – it’s controls, regulations, laws etc. are taken into consideration when designing the solutions.

Vlocity provides Industry specific solutions based on the processes that organizations in certain industries have. These come pre-built, which saves organizations a lot of money on customization costs and can be configured, low-code!

The industries that Vlocity cover are:

  • Communications,
  • Media & Entertainment,
  • Energy & Utilities,
  • Insurance,
  • Health,

From the bigger picture, Vlocity increases sales, service and marketing agility, operational efficiency and faster time to value across the enterprise.

Vlocity was built in partnership with Salesforce, and is committed to innovation, customer success and a values-led culture.

How Vlocity Works With Salesforce

The big news that Salesforce acquired Vlocity for a $1.33 bil broke out just months before Covid-19. So, the billion-dollar question is: what made Salesforce acquire Vlocity?

We are all aware that Salesforce customers are working towards an accelerated digital transformation agenda. I mean, who wants to use the old methodologies when we have something new brewing in the market? We always need something to quench our thirst.

The main purpose of this acquisition is around Customer 360. Salesforce wants to bring Customer 360 and Vlocity together so that the customers have the most advanced industries platform for digital transformation where they will be working on tools that fit their industry-specific needs.

Next, I will cover the main industry-specific solutions that Vlocity provides.

Vlocity Communications: Industry Cloud for Communications

The Telecommunications industry faces a huge deal of challenges in terms of digital transformation. How does Vlocity Communications help? Let’s take a case study.

Telia is one of Europe’s leading Telecom operators and selected Vlocity + Salesforce to boost their digital transformation initiative in Sales, Marketing and Customer Care Organizations.

What was the issue faced by Telia? Telia Finland has a huge customer base of more than 4.3 million customers, the company has always relied on its legacy on-premise systems that impeded its agility. To become more agile and provide an unparalleled digital experience, Telia Finland decided to migrate its systems to the cloud.

Vlocity Communications’ combination with Salesforce Service Cloud is what helped them achieve a solution that enabled their agents to deliver a consistent and personalized customer experience across all channels.

Vlocity Communications takes advantage of omnichannel capabilities of Salesforce Service Cloud, Enterprise Product Catalog, CPQ etc. Vlocity will replace Telia Finland’s front and back office applications with a cloud based, omnichannel CRM & BSS (Business Support Applications) that provide contact center agents and sales professionals with a more streamlined approach for managing end to end customer journeys.

Some of the solutions provided by Communications Vlocity built natively on Salesforce are,

  • Intelligent Service Experiences: Empowers Agents with Industry Rich Intelligence – helps to understand what is best for the customers.
  • Delight Retail Customers: helps to deliver personalized and seamless retail experience that the customers crave.
  • Orchestrate the perfect order: through guided selling, a user can personalize to the Individual and Protect Margins through guided selling.
  • GoDigital with Vlocity and Matrix Software: differentiate the Subscriber journey with Telco-rich Digital experiences across every channel and device.

With GoDigital customers can define their own experience – can try, buy and manage digital services, track their usage in real-time, and receive smart alerts. Customers enjoy a consistent user experience, irrespective of the device or channel of engagement.

Vlocity Media and Entertainment: Industry Cloud for Media

Vlocity Media and Entertainment provides a complete industry solution across the subscriber and advertising sales lifecycles to fully empower both B2B and B2C digital customer engagement.

The pre-built solutions help in guiding both new and existing subscribers through product recommendations, personalized offers, bundles and payments. Vlocity customers will also leverage industry-specific Salesforce data models with predefined processes.

Some of the solutions provided by Media & Entertainment Vlocity built natively on Salesforce are,

  • GoMedia Subscriber: this solution helps in launching new media products across lines of business while handling peak B2C transaction volumes and B2C complexity.
  • GoMedia Ad Sales: helps to optimize revenue yield and cash flow from the ad inventory by automating omni channel ad sales, pricing and fulfilment.
  • GoMedia Commerce: easily add high volume, anonymous, end-user e-commerce transactions that include advance promotions, bundling, and pricing capabilities for B2C, D2C and B2B use cases.
  • GoMedia OTT Streaming: deliver a greenfield subscriber management solution to enter OTT/Media/Video streaming markets. Transform existing, complicated post-paid billing and payment operating models into simpler, digital prepaid services.

Vlocity Insurance

Some insurance companies often find it challenging to adapt to changing quote and service delivery. Vlocity Insurance is designed to work with the Financial Service Cloud.

Vlocity’s microservice architecture brings the entire policy lifecycle to the table – powering quoting, policy administration, claims management, service etc which can be deployed to brokers, agents, policy holders and service representatives.

The Vlocity Process Library provides a number of pre-configured transactions that can be downloaded and used in the application. Vlocity Insurance also offers out of box applications which can be customized.


I am sure most of you must have got some idea on what Vlocity is all about, and how it helps industries with complex business models overcome their challenges.

You can see it is a one stop solution. The pre-built modules that can be downloaded, deployed, integrated more flexibly into CRM systems means organizations can go live faster without having to start from scratch on the planning, architecting and build phases.

If you are an organization belonging to one of Vlocity’s target industries, be sure to explore the capabilities Vlocity can offer – there will be more from this promising tech vendor in the future, I am sure!


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  1. Can Vlocity work for the insurance industry without financial services cloud though? What is the FSC data model is too complex and the customer has 100-200k customers and just wants something paired down – what then are the options??

    1. Shirish Jawalkar


      I think the emphasis of having Salesforce and Vlocity will be nullified. It is as good as having a thick client that cannot be accessed outside your LAN network or VPN network. No point in moving to Vlocity.

  2. Given the further integration of Vlocity into SF Industries, can anyone confirm the current certifications that are viable today?

    Here is what I have so far.

    SF Certified OmniStudio Developer
    SF Certified OmniStudio Consultant


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