Tableau vs. Tableau CRM – Which Should You Use?

By Mark Tossell

Tableau CRM is a self-service data visualization and business intelligence (BI) platform that integrates Salesforce data with external data.

Formerly known as Einstein Analytics, this product boasts some of the most powerful data analysis capabilities in the market.

Tableau CRM is only one part of Tableau (see below), which means that ‘Tableau CRM’ and ‘Tableau’ cannot be used interchangeably. When Salesforce announced the rebrand, I am sure many people were asking: “What is the difference between Tableau and Tableau CRM?”

I’ve been working with the Einstein Analytics platform now for four years, so let me take you on the journey to Tableau CRM, and which you should choose for your use case.

Which Salesforce Analytics Tool Suits You Best?

The journey above has paved the way for the Salesforce ecosystem to meet any data challenges they might face – however, it can be confusing for business leaders, data analysts, end users, among others.

Some typical questions are: How do these three tools fit together? Do they overlap?

Let me offer you a simple comparison:

(ps. I have covered this subject in more detail here)

Broadly speaking, if most of your users are already in Salesforce, then Einstein Analytics is most likely your platform of choice.

If you want to quickly embed analytics and action analytics in Salesforce, Einstein Analytics is also your best bet.

If your insights are going to be widely shared among Salesforce and non-Salesforce users (or if you aren’t using Salesforce) then go with Tableau.

It is important to remember that, at the end of the day, it isn’t about the technology – it is about a business result. You must be able to go from data to insight to action, and the limiting factors in this process are much broader than simply technology.

Differences in the Architecture

How Will Tableau CRM Evolve?

Now it’s time to look to the future. The combined vision for Tableau and TCRM is threefold:

  1. Connect to any data
  2. Powerful analytics for everyone:
  3. Insights for anyone, anywhere

If you are interested in hearing more, check out my other article: “Tableau CRM – Where Is It Heading?”

“As we innovate and expand our collective capabilities going forward, we will continue to retain and build upon the current functionality of both Tableau and Einstein Analytics. We can’t wait to see what amazing impact our incredible community will drive with these new solutions.”

– Mark Nelson, EVP, Product Development, Tableau Software

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Mark Tossell

Lead Solution Engineer at Tableau

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