Top Summer ‘22 Marketing Cloud Account Engagement (Pardot) Updates

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It’s been a wild season with multiple updates sprinkled in between the releases – namely Pardot rebranded to Marketing Cloud Account Engagement, the security update, and the ever-changing privacy landscape – you may be relieved to hear that the Summer ‘22 release is relatively light on Pardot updates.

We could call this the “release of the completion action”. Plus, you’ll find other updates around the marketer experience, data and content, and extending Pardot (with the API). Depending on your Salesforce instance, the Summer ‘22 will arrive in late May/early June 2022 (check your own release dates).

1. Conditional Completion Actions

Yes, pinch yourself – Conditional Completion Actions, one of the most requested ideas for the Pardot roadmap for a decade, are finally here.

Completion Actions are one type of Pardot automation that fires each time a prospect makes an activity on a marketing asset. You add Completion Actions to each individual email, form, landing page, page action, or custom redirect – which yes, gives you flexibility – however, once you add a Completion Action, the action will fire blindly.

Now, you add criteria to say ‘if prospect field value is A, then do B, BUT if prospect field value is X, then do Y’ – instead of Pardot just doing whatever ‘B’ is each time.

It may not look like much but it’s been a long time coming… 

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2. Account Engagement App for Slack

When it comes to MCAE (Pardot) and Slack, there are many reasons why you would notify a channel when a prospect interacts with a Pardot marketing asset – for example, a high-value Pardot form, like a Demo Request.

You can set notifications to send to Slack channels when a prospect interacts with a marketing asset. This MCAE (Pardot) automation is known as “completion actions”, and can be set on Pardot forms, form handlers, list emails (Pardot Classic), files, and custom redirects.

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At TrailblazerDX ‘22, Salesforce will be showcasing other apps built on the Salesforce platform for Slack. This is only the start for the Account Engagement App for Slack.

3. Email Bounce Report

The new Email Bounce report displays bounced email addresses across all your email sends (Pardot Classic emails, enhanced emails, automated sends, and inbox integrations) from the past year.

This overview report is a more straightforward way, an alternative to opening individual list email reports.

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4. Landing Page Builder Improvements

The enhanced (Lightning drag-and-drop) landing page builder now includes support for iframes in HTML components and more. Perhaps one (or more) of the 10 enhancements will solve some of your “bugbears”. Also, a “toast menu”? Now I’m hungry.

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Other Summer ‘22 Pardot Updates

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