Getting to the bottom of the ‘Do Not Email’ field in Pardot [Infographic]

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How can a prospect become unmailable in Pardot?

What’s the difference between ‘Do Not Email’ and ‘Prospect Opted Out’ fields in Pardot?

If you are confused and not sure how to answer these questions, then look no further.

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‘Do Not Email’ means you can no longer send marketing emails to a particular prospect. This topic is so important to grasp, so that:
a) you can monitor the health of your database
b) you can process opt-outs effectively and respectfully

Grasp the concepts and how mailability works in Pardot with the below Infographic:

Text Version

This is the ‘Do Not Email’ field

on the prospect record in Pardot, under the ‘Overview’ tab.
it’s pretty far down, keep scrolling…

When ‘Prospect Opted Out’ is ticked, ‘Do Not Email’ is automatically ticked.

There are 4 ways a prospect can get marked ‘Do Not Email’

  • – Unsubscribes
  • – Spam Complaints
  • – Manually (user)
  • – Bounces
  • Unsubscribes

  • They click the unsubscribe link in the email footer.
  • Spam Complaints

  • By clicking the ‘Report Spam’ icon from within their inbox.
  • Manually

  • Pardot or Salesforce user edits the record and ticks the box.
  • Bounces

  • A ‘bounce’ is recorded each time an email fails to be delivered to the recipient’s inbox.
    1 hard, or 5 soft.


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