Gets a Refresh, the Website for Salesforce Developers

Share this article... has long been the go-to website for Salesforce Developers – a centralized place to find technical documentation on object models, sample code, Salesforce API references, and key updates from the Salesforce releases.

Not only does have an awesome look and feel, Salesforce Devs can access much more – from podcast episodes, articles, upcoming events, to tutorials led by community experts.

Developer Centers

“Find the resources you need to start building”

Developer Centers” are landing pages on the site that pull together the documentation, dev tools (eg. Salesforce CLI, VS Code), code samples, Trailhead modules, and more.

Find Developer Centers by Salesforce product, and by aspects of the Salesforce – Lightning Web Components (LWC), Apex, Mobile SDK, etc.

What was once described as an overwhelming number of resources to sift through has now been distilled down, and organized clearly to aid you while upskilling.


“Discover Salesforce APIs and see how you can put them to work”

There’s an emphasis on APIs, even the claim: “an API for every need”. The API catalog links to 20+ API reference guides, examples, and ‘quick start’ implementation steps.

Updated Documentation

Besides the awesome new look and feel, there’s a high chance that the documentation itself has had a thorough review and refresh.

One example, that I know had a significant rework, is Pardot’s developer documentation – 4,891 additions and 3,085 deletions – to be exact, which included updated code samples and newly documented endpoints.

Once you’ve taken a tour of all has to offer, why not share your feedback with the Salesforce teams?

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